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Woman working at the iMovR Freedom desk whilst standing on an anti fatigue matIn this post you’ll find all you need to know about iMovR Freedom desks. 

As the “most customizable desk in the world,” when you choose an iMovR desk, the outstanding choice of sizes, colors, frame types, shapes and optional extras means there are literally thousands of configurations to choose from.

So much choice is great news for the consumer, but with so many options, how can you truly know the best combination for you without spending hours on research? Answer – we’ve done the work for you!

As well as the Freedom Series, the iMovR standing desk range includes the Lander and Lander Light Series plus the ZipDesk, each of which we’ve covered separately.

With each iMovR desk review we’ll give you all the information you could wish for to help you choose the right standing desk for your individual needs. You’ll find an overview of which models feature in each range, what you can expect as standard plus in-depth product descriptions and specifications. 

So, without further ado, let’s take a closer look at the iMovR Freedom series.

The iMovR Freedom Series

Models Available In The Freedom Series :

  • Energize
  • Energize Compact
  • Energize Corner
  • Cascade
  • Cascade Corner

What’s The Difference?

In very simple terms, the Energize Compact is a slimmer version of the Energize. The main difference between the Energize and Cascade models is that the Cascade desks feature the built-in SteadyType™ keyboard tray. (More about this below.)

The corner models in the series deviate from the straightforward rectangular design of the other desks, allowing for better use of space and an interesting option of honeycomb or zigzag design when 2 or more are placed together.

To get an idea of how these corner designs could work for you, check out the dimension diagrams for :

(If you’re not a big fan of the shape of these corner desks, the Lander Series features more regular L-shaped designs.)

What You Can Expect As Standard :

Base Types & Height Range

You have a choice of 2 base types within the Freedom Series :

  • The Freedom Base – this option has 2-segment legs and a height range of 25.7″ – 43.8″
  • The Freedom XT Base – this option has 3-segment legs and a height range of 21.3″ – 47.4″

These height ranges don’t include the desktop thickness, so you will need to add either 0.75″ or 1.125″ to get the actual working height, depending on the thickness you choose. (Note : the Cascade and Cascade Corner models are only available in 1.125″ thickness.)

Man walking on an under the desk treadmill whilst typing on a keyboardFor taller users, or for those with an under the desk treadmill, there are optional 6″ leg extenders which are compatible with each model in the Freedom Series. If you’re still looking for a little extra height, you could also add casters which give an additional 2.5 inches.

So, let’s say you’re above average at 6 feet 8 inches tall. If you opt for the Freedom XT base, with the thicker desktop option, leg extenders plus casters, you could comfortably add an under the desk treadmill and still have a little height to play with. (For desk height calculators and more visit omnicalculator.com.)

The Freedom bases provide exceptional performance, stability and durability. This is due to state-of-the-art robotic manufacturing methods and the Perfect Paint™ Glide system. (For scratch-free legs that last, without unsightly oil streaks.)

The frame is available in black, silver or white. (Note : extenders are not available with the white color frame option.)

The Desktop

When it comes to thoughtful design and durability, iMovR is once again ahead of the game. Freedom desktops are made with CNC or computer numerical control equipment which precisely contours all edges. In addition, all desktops undergo an advanced 3D sealing process which ensures that even the grommet holes are coated to perfection. (All desks apart from the Energize Compact have dual 3″ grommet holes.)

Because of this, iMovR laminate worktops are perhaps the most durable on the market, being highly resistant to scratches, discolouration, water damage and warping.

They also look pretty good, and with 22 choices of solid color, wood grain or speciality color tabletop options, it shouldn’t be difficult to choose the right one for your workspace. (Note – solid wood desktops are not available in the Freedom Series.)

The Controller

2 button digital display freedom desk height controllerThe controller has an LCD display and with just 2 buttons it’s extremely easy to use. You can program 2 heights into the console, so you can go from sitting to standing and back again without having to fiddle around each time. You can choose to display in inches or centimetres.


Both the Freedom and the Freedom XT bases are certified as meeting UL 962 and CSA 68 requirements for safety and performance standards. 

The Freedom XT is ANSI / BIFMA certified to standards 5.5 (for safety, durability and performance) and 7.1 (for volatile organic compound emissions, or VOCs.)

Freedom desktops use only high grade MDF which meets the most stringent of standards and regulations, including the 1986 California Proposition 65. This means you don’t have to worry about your desktop containing any harmful chemicals either.

All iMovR standing desks are NEAT certified. This means that their use has been recognized by the Mayo Clinic as having a positive impact on the negative effects of increased sedentary behaviour.


Each of the models within the Freedom Series take around 20 minutes to assemble – that’s the longest assembly time for any iMovR standing desk, but one of the shortest when compared to the competition. (You can expect to spend about an hour or more on many of the other models that are out there.) Have a screwdriver handy – preferably electric – to make the job that little bit easier.

…and not forgetting

The dual Bosch motors perform quietly and smoothly, lifting at an average rate of 1.5″ per second. Maximum weight capacity is 267 lbs.

Each model in the series features acceleration damping and anti-collision technology.

Each desk comes with a market leading warranty – lifetime for the frame, 10 years for the base and 5 years for the desktop.

The iMovR standing desk range is proudly produced in the U.S.A.

Buying Options – Finding The Best Deal

As you’ll see below, we’ve broken the Freedom Series down model by model so you can check the individual specs for each. We’ve also given you lower and upper end example specs and a price comparison for each between iMovR and Standing Desk Nation. (Prices correct at the time of publishing.)

This way you can find the best deal for your dollar. Generally speaking, although iMovR offers a fuller range of options, they usually carry a higher price tag. Standing Desk Nation has a slightly more limited range but most of the configurations work out a little cheaper.

Clicking on either iMovR or Standing Desk Nation on the price comparison chart will take you directly to that particular model on their website – it’s as simple as that!

There’s a whole range of optional extras that you can make further savings on if you add them to your desk order as well. These include :

  • Cable and power management optionsSilver monitor arm supporting a single monitor
  • Monitor arms (single / dual monitor, light and heavy weight options)
  • Laptop mount trays
  • Storage options (drawers and cabinets)
  • Anti-fatigue / sit stand mats

The optional extras vary somewhat between sites – in range and price – so our suggestion is to check both sites. This way you also get to take advantage of sales and special offers as they arise.

Both iMovR and Standing Desk Nation are trusted and reputable organisations within the office fitness industry. They have excellent customer service and support systems in place. Both offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee and deliver free to the contiguous United States.

Now let’s take a look at each model within the series…

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Product & Pricing Info – Energize Models

About iMovR Energize

Man typing on keyboard at height adjustable desk whilst standing on an anti fatigue mat

Individual specifications :

  • Depth : 30″
  • Choice of widths : 47   ” / 53″ / 59″ / 65″ / 71″
  • Desktop thickness : 0.75″ / 1.125″
  • Prices from $668

Example Specs and Comparison :

Lower EndUpper End
Desktop Dimensions30″ x 47″30″ x 71″
Desktop Thickness0.75″1.125″
Color TypeSolid colorWood grain
Base Type FreedomFreedom XT + extenders
Standing Desk Nation$668$1059

About iMovR Energize Compact

Individual specifications :Energize Compact with shaker cherry desktop and black frame

  • Depth : 24″
  • Choice of widths : 47″ / 53″ / 59″ / 65″ / 71″
  • Desktop thickness : 0.75″ / 1.125″
  • Does not feature grommet holes
  • Prices from $638

Example Specs and Comparison :

Lower EndUpper End
Desktop Dimensions24″ x 47″24″ x 71″
Desktop Thickness0.75″1.125″
Color TypeSolid colorWood grain
Base TypeFreedomFreedom XT + extenders
Standing Desk Nation$638$942

About iMovR Energize Corner

Individual specifications :Side angel of corner desk with keyboard and monitor on desktop and anti-fatigue mat underneath

  • Sizes : 47″ x 47″ / 53″ x 53″ / 59″ x 59″/ 65″ x 65″
  • Choice of side wing depth : 24″ / 30″
  • Desktop thickness : 0.75″ / 1.125″
  • Prices from $967

Example Specs and Comparison :

Lower EndUpper End
Desktop Dimensions47″ x 47″65″ x 65″
Desktop Thickness0.75″1.125″
Color TypeSolid colorWood grain
Base TypeFreedomFreedom XT + extenders
Standing Desk Nation$967$1321

Product & Pricing Info – Cascade Models

As mentioned before, the cascade models feature the built-in SteadyType keyboard tray.

About The SteadType Keyboard Tray

Tilting SteadyType keyboard trayMost adjusting keyboard trays have a maximum negative tilt of around 15°, and this is OK for finding more neutral arm and wrist positions for seated work. But when you’re standing or walking at your workstation, you need a lot more tilt to achieve those neutral positions.

iMovR spent 2 years researching this and came up with their advanced ergonomic design. As a result, the SteadyType keyboard tray can be adjusted accordingly to give you optimum results whether you’re sitting, standing or walking.

A tilt of 20° is recommended for standing work, and between 25 and 40° for treadmill users. (The SteadyType can be tilted up to 80°.) These angles allow your hands to relax more because the tray is positioned to take the strain and keep you stable. This equals less strain on joints and muscles. It also means better accuracy and speed when typing which leads to increased efficiency and productivity.

If you opt for the 71″ desktop width you will have the choice of left, right or centre placement of the keyboard tray. For all other widths the tray is in the middle.

About iMovR Cascade

Back view of man standing on anti-fatigue mat whilst working at his standing desk with adjustable keyboard trayIndividual specifications :

  • Depth : 30″
  • Choice of widths : 47″ / 53″ / 59″ / 65″ / 71″
  • Desktop thickness : 1.125″
  • Prices from $1023

Example Specs and Comparison :

Lower EndUpper End
Desktop Dimensions30″ x 47″30″ x 71″
Desktop Thickness1.125″1.125″
Color TypeSolid colorWood grain
Base TypeFreedomFreedom XT + extenders
Standing Desk Nation$1023$1344

About iMovR Cascade Corner

Cascade Corner desk featuring adjustable keyboard trayIndividual specifications :

  • Sizes : 47″ x 47″ / 53″ x 53″ / 59″ x 59″/ 65″ x 65″
  • Choice of side wing depth : 24″ / 30″
  • Desktop thickness : 1.125″
  • Prices from $1302

Example Specs and Comparison :

Lower EndUpper End
Desktop Dimensions47″ x 47″65″ x 65″
Desktop Thickness1.125″1.125″
Color TypeSolid colorWood grain
Base TypeFreedomFreedom XT + extenders
Standing Desk Nation$1302$1596

The Freedom Series Sum Up

So that brings us to the end of our post about iMovR Freedom desks. There’s a lot of information to take in, so we’ve summarised the key points below :

*The iMovR is “the most customizable desk in the world.” Take your pick from a wide range of sizes, colors, frame types and shapes. (Plus optional extras.)
*There are 5 models in the Freedom Series – the Energize, Energize Compact, Energize Corner, Cascade and Cascade Corner.
*Choose between the Freedom and Freedom XT bases. For extra height add casters and 6″ extenders. This will give you an exceptional desktop height of over 57 inches. (Recommended for users up to 6 feet 10 inches tall.)
*With state-of-the-art manufacturing methods, the Perfect Paint Glide system and advanced 3D laminate sealing, these desks are ahead of the game when it comes to performance, durability and stability.
*The 2 button controller is super easy to use. Choose inches or centimetres for the digital display and program 2 height settings for no fuss adjustment.
*Tested and certified for safety, performance and durability standards. The Freedom Series is also approved by the Mayo Clinic.
*Straightforward assembly and easy to follow instructions – should take you 20 minutes at the most.
*Market leading warranty – lifetime for the frame, 10 years for the base and 5 years for the desktop.
*All models are proudly made in the U.S.A.

So what’s not to love about the Freedom Series? There are plenty of pros but we struggled with the cons. This is what we came up with :

The Freedom Series desktops are not available in solid wood. Although the laminate tops are of the highest grade and look great, solid wood is solid wood. If that’s your strong preference, there’s a good chance that even top quality laminate won’t quite hit the spot for you.

The controller is super simple to use – great! But for the tech savvy or for those sharing a desk, your options are limited and you’ll likely be left wanting more than this console has to offer. No bluetooth linking to the latest fitness apps, no built-in sitting / standing reminder (yes – you’ll have to remind yourself!) and unless you are exactly the same height as your desk-sharing co-workers, you’ll need to set and reset the height for each use – not the biggest hassle in the world, but a hassle none the less.

If solid wood tops and higher tech consoles are important to you, the iMovR Lander series may be more to your liking.

Finally, we hope you found this post useful by saving you time and providing you with all you need to know about the iMovR Energize and Cascade models. We would love to hear from you, so if you have any questions, comments or queries, leave a comment in the box below. Alternatively, you can email jane@jetofficesolutions.com.

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