Top 7 Electric Standing Desk Bases (2021)

Grey standing desk base with text reading "Top 7 Standing Desk Bases"Whether you’re new to standing at work or perhaps it’s time to replace your old height-adjustable base, we’ve selected the top 7 electric standing desk bases to help you pair-up perfectly with your chosen desktop.

There are a number of considerations to bear in mind when choosing the right base, so we’ve put together a brief buyer’s guide which we recommend you take a look at – especially if you’re buying for the first time.

Next you’ll find our featured bases listed individually with specs, product details and pros and cons. Every base has something a little different to offer, so take a look at each to find out what it is.

Enjoy the whole post or if you’re pushed for time right now, just click on a header below to jump straight to that section.

Table of Contents

The Desk Base Buyer’s Guide

About The Brands
What to Expect From the Specs
What Else You Need to Know
(We suggest reading this first, especially if you’re buying a standing desk base for the first time.)

The Electric Standing Desk Base Buyer’s Guide

About the Brands

Within this article we’ve featured 4 established brands. They each offer quality products and have a good reputation for customer care. You can find out a little more about them below…


VIVO started out in 2002, but it wasn’t until 2012 that they began making ergonomic office products. Now one of the biggest manufacturers in America, they produce a vast range of standing desks, desk converters, frames and accessories. 
Their non-office products include honey extractors, camping cots and pet strollers. Whatever the product, you can be sure of good quality at reasonable prices. In fact VIVO’s mission is “to offer an affordable solution that doesn’t sacrifice quality or functionality.”
We’ve featured 2 bases from VIVO. They certainly tick the affordability, quality and functionality boxes, but the warranty period is shorter than comparable models. However, the VIVO tech team score highly when it comes to resolving issues and offering first class support before, during and after sales.


Founded in 2014, iMovR is part of the Thermogenesis Group and offers one of the widest choices of standing desks, desk converters, conference tables and treadmill desks. Their range also includes accessories such as anti-fatigue mats, power and cable management systems and storage solutions.
iMovR’s innovative approach to production and design means their products are top quality, they look great and they’re built to last. This is backed up by some of the best warranties on the market. (See individual specs for details.) They also offer a 100-day trial period and there’s a strong support team in place.
We’ve featured 3 iMovR bases in this post. They are each great products with something a little different to offer. All iMovR products are proudly made in the USA.


UPLIFT Desk have been in the office ergonomics industry since 2002 and have around 10 years’ experience in standing desk design. Their award-winning range also includes desk converters, seating and a wide variety of accessories.
Their core values are to create healthy workplaces, to offer quick and free delivery and to provide the best service to their customers. They are also a company with a conscience; as well as working in partnership with organizations such as the National Forest Foundation to reduce their environmental impact, they also support a number of non-profits and work with like-minded bodies throughout the supply chain.
We’ve featured just one base from UPLIFT Desk in today’s post, but we’ll be taking a closer look at more of their products in new posts coming soon.

Seville Classics

Seville Classics has more than 40 years’ experience in providing storage solutions to homes and businesses worldwide. This family-run concern prides itself on the high quality of its products, along with the innovative design team which designs ALL products in-house.
The AIRLIFT range is a more recent addition to the Seville Classics portfolio, including desks, frames, carts and desk converters. There’s also a wide range of seating and accessories to match up.
Again, you’ll find only one base from Seville Classics in this post, but we like their products and they have a really strong focus on customer care and satisfaction.The warranties aren’t the best on the market, but nonetheless the products are well-designed and good quality.

What To Expect From The Specs

In this section we’ll explain what information is covered in the individual specs and how it can help you to choose the right base.

Height Range

In the individual specs you’ll find the height range of each base. Remember to add your desktop thickness to calculate the actual working desk height. (A minimum thickness of ¾” is recommended.)
You’ll also find the maximum user height in each spec. (We use Inch Calculator for recommended heights for seated and standing work.) But please note these are guidelines only. We recommend taking actual measurements, especially if you’re taller than average.
You’ll also need to factor in any additional inches you need for a standing mat, balance board, under desk treadmill etc if you use any of these.
If you’re shorter than average and need to gain some extra inches for seated work, adjustable drafting chairs work well with standing desks.
If you’re not sure how to go about measuring up, you can also check out the OSHA Computer Workstations e-Tool. This includes easy to follow instructions on all areas of workstation ergonomics.


As you’ll see below, the bases are extendable to accomodate different desktop sizes, and of course the space you have to work in.
We’ve given you the compatible desktop width measurements (AKA desktop length) and depth measurements. Deviating from these may affect the stability of your desk and the function of your base. (Slight deviations shouldn’t be a problem.)

Weight Capacity

The maximum weight capacity of each base is given. This is the total capacity, so be sure to factor in the weight of your equipment as well as your chosen desktop.


We’ve also given the warranty details for each base in the specs. As you’ll see, some bases come with an excellent 10 year warranty. Others come with a much shorter warranty period which can be a little disappointing. Usually, the higher-priced models come with longer cover but this isn’t always the case.

Price Range

Please note all prices / price ranges were correct at time of publishing this post. However, prices fluctuate as new products come onto the market or during seasonal sales. Clicking on each base image will link you directly to the full product page. Here you’ll find live pricing as well as any additional information you need.
We’ve listed our top 7 in price order, from the lowest to highest.

What Else You Need to Know

After the product specs you’ll find additional information about each base. Here you can find out about different features including…..

  • Controller type (eg up and down only or with memory settings)
  • Additional controller features (eg Bluetooth enabled)
  • Colors available
  • Average lift per second
  • Quality and safety certification
  • Extra features (eg anti-collision technology, acceleration damping) and more.

When choosing the right base it’s important to understand what each model offers as well as which features matter most to you. Now let’s take a closer look at our Top 7.

The Top 7 Electric Standing Desk Bases

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At a Glance

Height range28.7″ – 48.5″
Max. user height6’7″
Compatible desktop width41″ – 85″
Compatible desktop depth23″ – 44″
Weight capacity176 lbs
Warranty3 years
Price rangeAround $250+

Click image for live price. (affiliate link)

About The VIVO DESK – V102E

Available in black or white, the frame is made from strong and sturdy steel construction.
The base features a single motor which lifts at an average speed of 1.5 inches per second.
You can memorise up to 3 height settings via the touchpad controller, as well as setting reminders for sitting and standing. You can also choose to display inches or centimetres. The console goes into power saving mode after 1 minute of inactivity and it enters sleep mode after 10 minutes. (Reactivate at the touch of a button.)
There’s an integrated shelf for cable management along with cable clips which serve to keep everything neat and tidy. Assembly should take around 30 minutes – all hardware is included but you’ll need a Phillips screwdriver.

PROs – low end of price range, 3 height settings plus reminders, power saving.

CONs – lowest weight capacity, only 3 year warranty cover.

The iMovR Studio 470

At a Glance

Height range26.85″ – 45.35″
Max. user height6’3″
Compatible desktop width32″ – 60″
Compatible desktop depth24″ – 30″
Weight capacity176 lbs
Warranty2 years electrical, 5 years mechanical,
10 years steel components
Price rangeAround $330
iMovR standing desk base in white

Click image for live price. (affiliate link)

About The iMovR Studio 470

iMovR use advanced robotic manufacturing methods which ensure their bases are cut and finished precisely. This means that they work very smoothly and look great as well. The Studio 470 base is available in black, white or silver.
The dual motors work quietly and efficiently, lifting at an average speed of 1.25 inches per second.
The controller is super simple to use. Great for the non-techies amongst us as it allows for up or down adjustment only. (Height pre-sets are not an option with this model.)
There’s a built-in cable management system and assembly should take around 30 minutes.
The Studio 470 has been tested / certified as meeting a number of quality and safety standards. These include and relate to the restriction of hazardous substances and chemicals, electromagnetic emissions and electrical, flammability and personal safety. It’s is also NEAT certified by the Mayo Clinic which means its use has been proven to fight the effects of sitting for long periods.

PROs – advanced manufacturing, certified for safety, strength and durability, NEAT certified.

CONs – lowest weight capacity, basic controller, only 2 year warranty cover for electrical components.


At a Glance

Height range24.4″ – 50.4″
Max. user height6’9″
Compatible desktop width40″ – 90″
Compatible desktop depth24″ – 44″
Weight capacity275 lbs
Warranty3 years
Price rangeAround $350

Click image for live price. (affiliate link)

About The VIVO DESK – V103EW

The V103EW is similar in construction to the first VIVO model and also features 3 height settings, sit-stand reminders and power saving functions.
However, this model uses dual motors, can adjust wider and higher and can handle an extra 99 pounds of weight.
The V103EW also features anti-collision technology. You can adjust the sensitivity to suit your preferences.
Again, assembly should take around 30 minutes and is pretty straightforward. Cable management is included in the pack.
This base is currently available in white only.

PROs – 3 height settings plus reminders, power saving and anti-collision technology.

CONs – only 3 year warranty cover, currently available in white only.

The iMovR Freedom Base

At a Glance

Height range25.7″ – 43.8″ or 21.3″ – 47.4″
Max. user height6′ or 6’5″
Compatible desktop width48″ – 72″
Compatible desktop depth24″ – 30″
Weight capacity265 lbs
Warranty10 years
Price rangeFrom $474
iMovR Freedom base with white frame

Click image for live price. (affiliate link)

About the iMovR Freedom Base

With the Freedom model you have a choice of 2 base types. The standard base or the XT base. The latter is designed for taller users and is ANSI / BIFMA certified for safety, durability and performance. (For additional height, both models give the option to add extenders or casters which can offer over 7 extra inches in total.) Note – with a minimum height of 21.3 inches (plus top), the XT base offers the lowest elevation making it suitable for shorter users.
Both models are UL 962 and CAL 68 certified having met safety and performance standards. They are also NEAT certified by the Mayo Clinic meaning they’re recognized as helping to reduce the health risks associated with sitting too much.
The Freedom model features iMovR’s Perfect Paint Glide System which ensures smooth operation and scratch-free legs. Available in white, black or silver.
The dual Bosch motors elevate at an average speed of 1.5 inches per second and there’s acceleration damping plus anti-collision technology as standard.
The controller is easy to use with just 2 buttons, There are 2 memory height settings and the digital readout can be displayed in either inches or centimetres.

PROs – great height range options (inc. lowest elevation), excellent 10-year warranty, certified for safety, strength and durability, NEAT certified.

CONs – fairly basic controller, prices start at just under $500.

The UPLIFT Desk – V2

At a Glance

Height range24.5″ – 50.1″
Max. user height6’9″
Compatible desktop width42″ – 80″
Compatible desktop depth27″ – 36″
Weight capacity355 lbs
Warranty10 years
Price rangeAround $500

Click image for live price. (affiliate link)

About The Uplift Desk – V2

This super-sturdy base is available in black, white, gray or industrial style i.e. metallic.
The dual motors elevate at an average of 1.7 inches per second and can work with loads up to 355 pounds – one of the highest weight capacities of our Top 7.
Featuring advanced anti-collision technology, the UPLIFT V2 is BIFMA certified for durability.
You can save up to 4 preset heights on the digital memory keypad or simply use the up and down buttons.
The frame has 48 pre-drilled mounting points so you can easily customize your workstation with the accessories that work best for you. Cable management and levelling feet are also included.

PROs – excellent weight capacity, excellent warranty, great max. height, anti-collision, BIFMA certified, 4 height memory function.

CONs – expect to pay around $500.

The Seville Classics AIRLIFT S3

At a Glance

Height range24.6″ – 50.4″
Max. user height6’9″
Compatible desktop width45″ – 71″
Compatible desktop depth24″ – 36″
Weight capacity264 lbs
Warranty2 years for electrical, 7 years for
non-electric components
Price rangeAround $500

Click image for live price. (affiliate link)

About The Seville Classics AIRLIFT S3

The frame is heavy duty steel construction and is available in black, white or gray.
The dual motors raise at an average speed of 1.5 inches per second and work with weights up to 264 pounds. (If you have a heavy desktop and equipment, a higher weight capacity may be more suitable.)
You can set up to 4 preferred heights for convenience and easier adjustment.
Assembly is straightforward and all hardware and tools are included.
This is a good all-rounder but in comparison it works out at around the same price as models with a higher weight capacity and warranty cover. With this base in particular we recommend checking the live price and taking advantage of offers as they arise.

PROs – great height, sturdy construction, 4 memory presets.

CONs – priced a little high – worth checking live listings for sales and special offers.

The iMovR Lander Base

At a Glance

Height range23.4″ – 49.4″
Max. user height6’8″
Compatible desktop width35″ – 83″
Compatible desktop depth29″ – 43″
Weight capacity360 lbs
Warranty10 years
Price rangeFrom $799
Angled view of iMovR Lander standing desk base

Click image for live price. (affiliate link)

About The iMovR Lander Base

The Lander frame is available in black, white or silver, with or without a crossbar. (Note, with desktop widths between 59 and 83 inches, the crossbar is recommended for added support and stability.)
It has a great height range and is also compatible with the iMovR leg extenders and casters for extra inches.
The dual motors are extra smooth and quiet, even when lifting the impressive 360 pound maximum load. The average lift speed is 1.6 inches per second and this model has built-in anti-collision technology.
The paddle style controller features intuitive height adjustment and has a built-in health coach for sit-stand reminders. It’s Bluetooth enabled and links to a free smartphone app which gives you advanced options for height settings, reminders and more.
The Lander base holds ANSI / BIFMA certification for performance, reliability and durability. It’s also NEAT certified by the Mayo Clinic.

PROs – great height range, best weight capacity, Bluetooth enabled with free app, ANSI / BIFMA / NEAT certified, excellent warranty.

CONs – prices start from around $800.

The Electric Standing Desk Base Sum-Up

So that brings us to the end of today’s post. We hope you found a model which fits your needs within our Top 7 Electric Standing Desk Bases. They each offer something a little different, but they are all brought to you by established brands with a strong reputation for quality and customer care. 

As well as understanding what each base has to offer, it’s important to know which features matter most to you. With that in mind, at the very least we hope we’ve highlighted the key considerations you need to think about in order to make the right choice going forwards.

If you didn’t find what you were looking for here, why not take a look at some of our other posts on standing desks or desk converters for further ideas and inspiration.

Finally, we would love to hear from you…Have you built your own desk? What type of base or desktop did you opt for? How are you finding alternating between sitting and standing? Drop us a comment in the box below or email

We’re always posting new articles so remember to come back soon for the latest on active office furniture.

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