Best Under Desk Treadmills Under $500

Under desk treadmill with text reading "Best Under Desk treadmills Under $500"In this post we’ll show you 5 of the best under desk treadmills under $500. In the first section we’ll answer some questions you may have such as who is an under desk treadmill for, what is NEAT activity and what you can expect for both under and over $500.

Next you’ll find our buyer’s guide which will give you some pointers on what to look for when choosing the right model for you. This includes dimensions, weight, speed, console and special features. 

The final section contains all you need to know about our top picks. This is broken down into individual specs, product details and pros and cons of each.

If you’re buying an under desk treadmill for the first time, we’d recommend that you read the full article. Pushed for time right now? No worries. Just click on a heading below to jump straight to that section.

In This Feature…

Best Under Desk Treadmills Under $500

Q & A Section

Q – Who Is An Under Desk Treadmill For?

A growing number of office workers now use adjustable height standing desks or standing desk converters. This allows them to spend their days alternating between sitting and standing in order to reduce the negative effects of sedentary behavior.
Woman at standing desk typing onto keyboard and looking ahead to a monitor
An under desk treadmill allows you to combine working with walking, thereby adding more activity to your day. As well as the physical benefits, regular use can help to improve productivity, creativity and mood. It’s also an amazing stress buster.
When you walk you use NEAT energy (see below) so you don’t have to worry about getting hot and sweaty as you would with cardio activity. Walking treadmills are designed for this slower pace and therefore have a lower speed range. Their motors are specifically built for this purpose. They usually come without handles or sidebars so they can fit under your desk, although on some models these are retractable.
With more of us working from home than ever before, walking treadmills are becoming as much of a feature in the kitchen / bedroom / living room as they are in the traditional workplace. In addition to walking as you work they can be used whilst watching TV, making phone calls, staring out of the window on a rainy day and so on.
Many of us are unable to get to the gym or maintain our previous fitness regimes because of the restrictions in place at the moment. An under desk treadmill could be the ideal way for you to increase your activity levels, boost your productivity and to feel a little happier in these difficult times, whether you’re in the office or working from home.

Q – What Is NEAT?

NEAT stands for Non-Exercise Activity Thermogenesis. In very simple terms, this is the type of energy we use for day to day activities apart from sleeping or exercise – in fact any activity which falls between the two. This includes doing a jigsaw puzzle, cleaning the car, doing the housework, standing and of course walking.
Walk sign with text reading "NEAT activity increases the resting heart rate by 10 - 50%"
NEAT activity increases the resting heart rate by 10 – 50%. Activities such as sports and cardio workouts increase it by 50% or more. As we know, working out and taking regular exercise are great ways of keeping fit and healthy, but even if you exercise for 2 hours each day there’s still a lot of hours left – even after sleep.
Now more than ever, increasing NEAT activity is being recognized as an essential way to keep our bodies on the move and functioning properly. Standing at your desk and walking on a treadmill are just 2 ways of gently increasing your NEAT levels. 

Click here to find out more about NEAT from the Mayo Clinic.

Q – What Can I Expect For Under $500?

If you’re looking to pay around the $500 mark, at the very least you can expect a fairly sturdy frame, a motor that works quite well for at least 2 hours per day, basic control and display functions and perhaps a little noise – from the console, the walkway or both.
Woman fanning out several hundred dollar bills
Some treadmills within this price range offer you a little extra for your money, but generally speaking you’ll need to make some compromises along the way in order to get the features that are important to you at a price that fits your wallet. 
Usually the warranty period may be below average but some treadmills are the exception to this rule.

Some points to note about the models featured in this post :

They each have a smaller than average belt and unit length. This can be a definite advantage if you’re pushed for space, but not so good if you’re taller than average as you may need a longer walkway or belt. (We’ve given you the recommended maximum user height in each spec, but these measurements are just a guideline – measure your actual stride to be sure.)

Each one is lighter than average. This, along with the 2 wheels located at the front, means that they’re fairly easy to move around. Especially useful if you’re working from home – the featured treadmills are also slim and can be easily stowed under the sofa or bed outside of office hours.

No assembly required. Each of our top picks is pretty much ready to go out of the box. Just plug in and start walking. (Each model requires occasional maintenance and lubrication, but this is standard practice and is pretty straight forward. User manuals will tell you how.)

Check out the individual specs and product overviews to find out what else you can expect from each treadmill. They all have something a little different to offer.

Q – What Do You Get For A Higher Price Tag?

At the upper end of the scale, if you’re willing and able to pay more for your treadmill here are some of the features you can expect :

Ultra-quiet motors which can handle hour after hour of use from multiple users.
Higher grade, top quality materials.
Frame and motors which are built to last.
Longer warranties to reflect the above.
Exceptional shock absorption.
Hi-tech consoles and software for tracking data and monitoring performance.
Separate consoles which you can place on your desktop for easy access and visibility.
Larger models with higher user weight capacity.
Man standing with walking treadmill in upright position

If you want more from your treadmill and have the budget to match your needs, click here for our higher end comparison or check out Lifespan Walking Treadmill Desks.

The Buyer’s Guide

If you’re buying an under desk treadmill for the first time, take a look at the following tips and considerations to help you to choose the right model.

Dimensions, Weight And Speed

A white tape measure forms an x against a yellow tape measure
In the individual specs below, you’ll see that we’ve included the actual treadmill size. Double check that your preferred model will fit within the space you have, including the height of the treadmill if you have a crossbar on your desk.
For safety reasons, it’s recommended that you allow 3 feet of space to the rear of your treadmill, so factor this in when measuring up.
We’ve also given you the belt dimensions which is the actual walking area. Measure your stride to ensure the belt will be long enough for you, especially for taller users. Also take note of the “step-up” measurement – these are the extra inches you’ll need when checking that your desk can adjust high enough to work from with a treadmill underneath.
The weight of each treadmill is given below, particularly useful to know if you plan on moving it around occasionally – although all of the models featured have 2 wheels at the front of the unit to make them more mobile.
The speed range of each model is also given below, although these vary very slightly. Each is suitable for gentle strolling (up to around 2 mph) to a more brisk pace (around 3.5 mph).

Console And Display

Our featured treadmills are each a little different as you will see. They all display basic data such as speed, calories, time and distance. One thing you should be aware of is that the display is located top front on most models, making it difficult or impossible to see when placed correctly underneath your desk. (The exception to this is the Walking Pad C1 which displays data on the remote.)
With higher end models the console is separate and can be placed on your desktop.
If you’re not fussed about tracking your data or seeing your progress then this won’t pose a problem. But if you want to know how many calories you’re burning or are targeting yourself on distance and so on, choose a model which can hook up to a fitness app. This way you can manage and view your progress from your phone or tablet.
Person using smartphone fitness app

What Else You Need To Know…

In each product overview below you’ll find additional information on special features, potential issues and manufacturer’s warranty details.
Large Amazon box in background with 2 smaller boxes in front
For each treadmill in this feature there’s additional product protection available through Amazon. Warranties are usually lower in this price range so it’s worth considering this option.
Each treadmill featured qualifies for free delivery to the majority of the United States (Ts and Cs apply.) At the time of publishing our top 5 picks were each under $500. Prices fluctuate so for live information on price, shipping and stock, click on the relevant image for a direct link to the Amazon product page. 
As we mentioned before, when considering a mid-range treadmill you can usually expect to make a little compromise here or there. We’ve summarized the pros and cons of each model for easy reference to help you decide what’s most important to you.

Best Under Desk Treadmills Under $500

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The UMAY Under Desk Treadmill

At a Glance

Treadmill dimensions53.74″ x 23.62″ x 5.9″
Belt dimensions41″ x 16″
Step-up height4″
Unit weight64 lbs
Max. user weight198 lbs
Max. user height5’8″
Speed range0.6 – 3.7 mph
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About the UMAY Under Desk Treadmill

Our first pick is the cheapest of the bunch coming in at under $400. It’s also one of the heaviest models featured but it has foldable wheels which make it easier to move around. These also serve to keep the treadmill steady if you decide to store it upright. (Can also be stored flat.)
Time, speed, distance and calorie burn data is displayed at the top end of the treadmill. Operation is by remote control or you can hook up to the SPAX app via Bluetooth. (The app also displays your personal data.) In addition you’ll get 3 month’s free SPAX membership giving you access to a wide range of work-outs and classes delivered by different instructors. Great for fitness planning and interactive training.
This model has one of the shortest walking areas and the lowest user weight capacity. Not a problem for the smaller user, but if you’re around 5 feet 8 inches or taller, look for a longer belt. (See our final 2 recommended products.)
UMAY offers a free return and exchange policy within 1 year plus 3 year cover for maintenance and components.

PROs – best price, store safely flat or upright, hooks up to the SPAX app (full access free for 3 months.)

CONs – lowest weight capacity, short belt / not suitable for taller users.

The Citysports Walking Pad

At a Glance

Treadmill dimensions52.8″ x 23.2″ x 4.9″
Belt dimensions43″ x 17″
Step-up height4″
Unit weight52.6 lbs
Max. user weight265 lbs
Max. user heightAround 5’8″
Speed range0.6 – 3.73 mph
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About The Citysports Walking Pad

Our next pick has another great price point under $400 whilst offering some good features. The non-slip belt is wear-resistant and has 7 layers of cushioning which serve to assist shock absorption and noise reduction. It also has the highest user weight capacity.
The frame is made with aerospace-grade magnesium-aluminum alloy which is lighter than regular aluminum, making the Citysports model the lightest in this feature.
The LED display shows you distance, speed, time and calories. These reset to zero when the treadmill is switched off so save your data manually if you’re walking to target. The console will also tell you when the belt needs occasional lubrication and there’s a child lock to keep your small people safe.
This model also features integrated Bluetooth surround sound speakers so you can listen to your tunes whilst you’re walking as well. 
There’s a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty so we’d recommend adding additional cover.
(Side note : the maximum speed is 3.73 mph although the product images may suggest otherwise.)

PROs – low price, highest weight capacity, child lock, integrated Bluetooth speakers.

CONs – console data resets when switched off, 1-year warranty.

The Goplus Walking Treadmill

At a Glance

Treadmill dimensions51.5″ x 23.5″ x 6″
Belt dimensions41″ x 17″
Step-up height4″
Unit weight55.5 lbs
Max. user weight220 lbs
Max. user heightAround 5’8″
Speed range0.5 – 4mph

Orange notice advising readers to click the image for the Amazon product page

About The Goplus Walking Treadmill

The Goplus model has a slight incline and a choice of 12 exercise programs. These are designed for cardio and fat burning as opposed to increasing your NEAT activity. However, incline and exercise programs aside, you can still use this treadmill for gentle walking. So if you’re planning on walking as you work but taking it up a notch in your own time, you have both options with this model. 
Rubber foot pads aid shock absorption and noise reduction but the console bleeps loudly when the machine starts, stops or when the speed is adjusted. If you’re working from home, are generally in the office alone, or if noise doesn’t bother you (or your family / colleagues) then this shouldn’t be a problem.
The LCD display shows time, speed, distance and calories burned. You have a choice of remote control or touchscreen operation. The Goplus doesn’t store your data and you should also be aware that the treadmill stops automatically at 100 minutes. All data up to that point is wiped immediately. (If tracking your stats is important to you, log your data manually before you switch off, or at 99 minutes then start again.)
The Goplus features an emergency brake button on the remote as a safety feature. Great for emergencies, but also beware – this stops the motor abruptly. There’s no gradual stopping which in itself may pose a safety risk.
This model comes with a 1-year warranty. Again, we would recommend adding additional cover. At the time of publishing the Goplus walking treadmill was priced at around $440.

PROs – use for cardio or NEAT activity, 12 fitness programs, emergency stop.

CONs – doesn’t save data, loud bleeps, automatic stop at 100 minutes, 1-year warranty.

The Walking Pad C1 Foldable Treadmill

At a Glance

Treadmill dimensions57″ x 20.8″ x 4.6″
Belt dimensions47″ x 15.7″
Step-up height2.5″
Unit weight56 lbs
Max. user weight220 lbs
Max. user heightAround 6′
Speed range0.3 – 3.7 mph
Orange notice advising readers to click the image for the Amazon product page

About The Walking Pad C1 Foldable Treadmill

This is our only featured treadmill which folds, giving you extra options for storage when out of use. (Folded dimensions are 33.7″ x 20.8″ x 5.5″.) In operation it has a longer walkway which is suitable for taller users.
It’s operated manually via remote control or you can use the “adaptive speed control” technology which adjusts the speed automatically. (Pressure sensors tell the treadmill to reduce speed when you’re closer to the rear of the walkway or to increase speed when you’re close to the top. If you’re in the middle the speed will remain constant.) You can also hook up to the fitness app for function control and data display.
The Walking Pad C1 has won international awards for design. For safety this model has a child lock, automatic standby and overload protection.
Warranty information isn’t readily available. We’ve emailed to find out what cover is offered so we’ll update this information as soon as we have it. The price at the time of publishing is around $460.

PROs – folding, suitable for taller users, manual or automatic speed control, safety features.

CONs – warranty information not available, heading towards top end of price range.

The Rhythm Fun Treadmill

At a Glance

Treadmill dimensions59″ x 24″ x 3″
Belt dimensions47″ x 18″
Step-up height3″
Unit weight64 lbs
Max. user weight220 lbs
Max. user heightAround 6′
Speed range0.5 – 3.7 mph
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About The Rhythm Fun Treadmill

Our final pick features a 7-level walking platform which was designed with shock absorption and noise reduction in mind. The belt is slip-resistant and the durable steel frame will resist abrasion and wear. It also has one of the longest walkways within our feature.
The large LED display shows speed, time, distance and calories burned. This model is also Bluetooth enabled and links up to the Smart Workout app. You can use this to monitor and track your activities as well as setting up a personalized exercise program. If you just want to walk without the stats and data, simply operate the treadmill with the remote control.
The Rhythm Fun features an auto-oiling system. Just add a little lubricant to the oil chamber and let the treadmill do the rest for you by working it through. (Oil is included along with a user manual, installation tools, a safety lock plus 4 under-treadmill cushion pads.)
In comparison, this treadmill has the best warranty – 10 years for the frame, 2 years for the motor and 1 year for parts. At the time of publishing, the Rhythm Fun was at the top of the price range.

PROs – tracking / fitness app, auto-oiling system, best warranty, suitable for taller users.

CONs – has the largest footprint, one of the heaviest units featured, top of price range.

The Best Under Desk Treadmill Sum-Up

If you’re looking to increase your activity in the office – or at home – a walking treadmill is a great option. By checking out the best under desk treadmills under $500, you now know how, where and by who they can be used. (In particular, they’re an excellent way to increase that NEAT activity whilst getting on with your work.)

You should also have a better understanding of what you can expect for under and over $500. But even though these aren’t top of the range models, $500 is still a lot of money so it’s important to choose the right walking treadmill for you.

Hopefully our buyer’s guide has given you a good idea about what to expect and what to look for when making your choice – whether through this article or elsewhere. Remember to check dimensions, weight, speed, console and display. Of course price comes into it as well as warranty, shipping costs and special features. 

Let’s take a final look at our top 5…

  • The UMAY Under Desk Treadmill – with the lowest price but also the lowest weight capacity. This, along with the short belt means it’s more suitable for smaller users. 
  • The Citysports Walking Pad – the lowest price but with good plus points including the highest user weight capacity and built-in speakers. However, a basic console with no data tracking.
  • The Goplus Walking Treadmill – the only model to feature an incline and 12 program console so can be used for cardio as well. However, auto-stops after 100 minutes, also with no data tracking.
  • The Walking Pad C1 – the only foldable treadmill within our feature. Also has manual or automatic speed control and a higher price tag.
  • The Rhythm Fun Treadmill – the highest price but it features a tracking and fitness app, the best warranty and a longer belt for taller users.

Finally, let us know what you think about our selected products. Did they meet or exceed your expectations? Did you find what you were looking for? Have you decided to check out our other articles on higher spec models? Drop us a comment in the box below or email We’d love to hear from you!

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