The Best Standing Desk Converters Under $200

Standing desk converter in raised position supporting office equipment with title text underneath reading "Best Standing Desk Converters Under $200"Increased sedentary behavior can cause serious health issues. Alternating between sitting and standing at work is a great way to fight sitting disease. In today’s post we’ve selected the Best Standing Desk Converters Under $200.

Each of our chosen models provide easy adjustment between sitting and standing, allowing you to improve your health and productivity without breaking the bank. Read on for individual specs and detailed info where you’ll find all you need to know about our top picks.

But first take a look at our Buyer’s Guide which includes some useful pointers on how to choose the right converter for you. We recommend reading this first, especially if you’re buying a desk converter for the first time.

If you’re pushed for time right now, simply click on a heading below to jump straight to that section.

In This Feature…

The Best Desk Converter Buyer’s Guide

About Our Top 5 Standing Desk Converters
Desk Converter Dimensions
Height Range
Unit Weight and Weight Capacity
(We recommend reading this first, especially if you’re buying a standing desk conveter for the first time.)

The Best Desk Converter Buyer’s Guide

About Our Top 5 Standing Desk Converters

Black desk converter with laptop and monitorEach of our selected standing desk converters in this feature are priced at under $200. (Prices correct at time of publishing.) Although the price tags are low – starting from a little over $100 – the models we’ve chosen are sturdy, offer a smooth transition between positions and are from well known, popular brands.

As you’ll see, each converter has a top tier and a lower tier or keyboard tray. In the product specs you’ll find the recommended maximum user height. Unless otherwise stated, this relates to keyboard working from the lower tier. (More about height ranges below.)

Each model featured adjusts manually by means of a gas spring. These type of converters require minimal effort from the user when lifting or lowering and they offer the quickest method of adjustment. Of course, being manual, these converters don’t rely on electricity which is a plus for your carbon footprint. 

Widths range from 25 to 42 inches, so whether you’re hot-desking at HQ or fitting out your home office, you’ll find a solution to fit your workspace. 

The following pointers will help you to choose the right converter for you, your equipment and the space you have to work in.

Desk Converter Dimensions

Firstly, check out the base dimensions of your chosen converter (i.e. the footprint) and make sure your existing desk is large enough to support it. 

A white tape measure forms an x against a yellow tape measureNext, take a look at the desktop measurements. Each converter featured in this post has 2 tiers. The upper tier is designed to support 1 or 2 monitors and / or a laptop – obviously this depends on the size of the unit and the size of your equipment.

The keyboard tray or lower tier is primarily designed for your keyboard. Some lower tiers can be used for your laptop or other lightweight peripherals instead. 

Be sure to check the actual measurements of your keyboard, monitor, laptop and so on to make sure your equipment will fit comfortably and safely onto each tier. Don’t just rely on advertised visuals as they can be misleading.

Note : in the specs below we’ve given you the desktop dimensions at their maximum. This doesn’t take into consideration any cut outs or recesses, so click to visit individual product pages for full dimensional diagrams.

Height Range

Close view of someone typing on a keyboardAdvertised desk converter height ranges usually apply to the upper tier. However, most people using a 2 tier converter work from the keyboard tray. We’ve given the height range for both tiers in the specs. This way you can base your required height calculations on whichever tier you intend to be working from.

(Unless otherwise stated, the maximum recommended user height we’ve given in the specs relates to working from the keyboard tray.)

We use *Inch Calculator for recommended heights for seated and standing work. This is handy as a guideline, but take your own measurements as well to make sure your chosen model will raise high enough for you. Remember to take the height of your supporting desk into consideration when doing your calculations.

*As an example, a person who is 5 feet 10 inches tall will need a desk height of 42 to 44 inches when standing. Let’s say their supporting desk is 30 inches high. That means they will need to raise their converter to a height of 12 to 14 inches for correct ergonomic positioning.

When measuring up, remember to add inches as necessary if you wear heels, use an anti-fatigue mat, a balance board, an under desk treadmill and so on.

For clear guidance on setting up your workstation correctly, visit the OSHA website. Their Computer Workstation eTool is particularly useful. 

Unit Weight and Weight Capacity

Weighing scales showing measurements in pounds, ounces and kilograms

The weight of your chosen converter is important, especially if your supporting desk has a limited weight capacity. Most of our top 5 weigh around 25 – 35 pounds. (Full details in specs.) But the heaviest weighs over 50 pounds. Make sure your supporting desk can cope with the weight of the converter plus your equipment. 

Also, check out the weight capacity of both tiers where possible so you can make sure your equipment doesn’t exceed the maximum. (Where keyboard tray capacity isn’t given, it’s safe to assume that most lower tiers can support around 4 pounds +.) Exceeding the given weights can cause damage the converter and will void warranty cover.

If you need a higher weight capacity, take a look at our Top 5 Electric Standing Desk Converters.

Best Standing Desk Converters Under $200

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The VIVO 25″ Compact Desk Riser

At a Glance

Top tier dimensions25″ x 18″
Keyboard tray dimensions25″ x 10″
Footprint15.5″ x 19.5″
Top tier height range 5″ – 16″
Keyboard tray height range 0.5″ – 11.5″
Max. user height5’8″
Weight capacity17.6 lbs top / 5 lbs tray
Unit weight26.5 lbs
Warranty3 years
Dual tier, single monitor workstation by VIVO with black frame and worktops

Click image to view on Amazon. (affiliate link)

Small but sturdy, ideal for the spacially challenged with lighter equipment.

Down to Detail

The VIVO Compact is a great choice if you work light and have limited room to do so. It has the lowest weight capacity within our top 5 but it’s well-made and space efficient. It’s also one of the lower priced models within our feature, coming in at less than $150.

The double gas spring makes for smooth adjustment and there’s a one touch height lock to keep you where you want to be. The single lift lever is located just under the top tier, so it’s discrete but close at hand. There’s also an accessory slot on the top so you can keep your gadgets in sight.

The Z-frame design means the VIVO Compact adjusts up and back then down and outwards, so there may be an overhang when you’re seated, depending on the dimensions of your supporting desk. But this is part of the design, and as long as the base is fully supported it’s both safe and stable in all positions. 

Designed for a keyboard and single monitor, if you wish to use a laptop on the Compact you could place it on the top tier and remove the keyboard tray. However, this would leave the brackets exposed slightly so we would suggest using it as is.

PROs – suitable for smaller work spaces, budget friendly, 3 year warranty.

CONs – small work area, low weight capacity, not suitable for users above 5’8″ tall.

The FlexiSpot 28″ AlcoveRiser

At a Glance

Top tier dimensions28.4″ x 16.3″
Keyboard tray dimensions28.4″ x 12.1″
Footprint27.6″ x 14.8″
Top tier height range4.7″ – 19.7″
Keyboard tray height range 0.75″ – 15.75″
Max. user height 6’3″ (or 6’8″ from top tier)
Weight capacity33 lbs top / 4.4 lbs tray
Unit weight34 lbs
Warranty5 years frame and desktops,
3 years mechanisms
2 tier FlexiSpot AlcoveRiser 28 inch model

Click image to view on Amazon. (affiliate link)

A great choice for shallow workspaces and taller users plus plenty of change from $200.

Down to Detail

Our next pick is another great choice for those with a limited working area. The FlexiSpot AlcoveRiser is a little wider than the VIVO model, but the straight up and down X-frame design, along with its slim dimensions, make this converter ideal for shallower spaces.

The top tier will easily accomodate a single 27″ monitor. Alternatively, use the built-in grommet hole for a monitor mount so you can free up extra desktop space. The U-shaped design gives you the option to use a 13″ laptop on the lower tier or a standard keyboard and mouse if you prefer.

For further set up options you can remove the keyboard tray in seconds with the quick release handles and work from the top tier only. Working from this level will give you a few extra inches, making the FlexiSpot converter suitable for users up to around 6’8″ tall. 

The FlexiSpot AlcoveRiser also has the best overall warranty and the lowest price, at just over $100.

PROs – ideal for compact / shallow workspaces, great for taller users, best warranty, lowest price.

CONs – limited work space.

The Rocelco Sit Stand 32″ Converter

At a Glance

Top tier dimensions32″ x 20.6″
Keyboard tray dimensions23.6″ x 11.6″
Footprint29.75″ x 23.3″
Top tier height range4.75″ x 16.75″
Keyboard tray height range 0.5″ x 12.25″
Max. user height 5’10”
Weight capacity 30 lbs top / 5 lbs tray
Unit weight26.7 lbs
Warranty1 year
Dual tier, double monitor workstation with monitor, laptop, keyboard and mouse

Click image to view on Amazon. (affiliate link)

This model features a fair sized workspace, a retractable keyboard tray and a low unit weight.

Down to Detail

The Rocelco 32″ converter offers more working space and the top tier can comfortably accomodate 2 x 19″ monitors or a monitor and laptop. What makes this model different is the retractable keyboard tray which you can easily move in or out as desired. It will fit a standard keyboard and mouse. Alternatively, the U-shaped top tier gives you the option to use a laptop on the lower tier.

The footprint of this Rocelco riser is a fair bit larger than the previous models, and being a Z-frame design, remember that you’ll need to allow a little extra space as the converter adjusts up and out. The weight capacity is OK, but on the plus side, this is one of the lightest converters within our feature – handy to know if the capacity of your supporting desk is on the low side.

We really like Rocelco products and this model is extremely sturdy. However, the height range is limited and it also has the shortest warranty cover which is a little disappointing. All things considered, this is still a good converter for under $200.

PROs – good working space, retractable keyboard tray, low unit weight.

CONs – limited height range, 1 year warranty.

The Seville Classics Airlift 36″

At a Glance

Top tier dimensions35.43″ x 23.23″
Keyboard tray dimensions35.43″ x 12.6″
Footprint32.75″ x 21.9″
Top tier height range 6.2″ – 19.1″
Keyboard tray height range 0.59″ – 13.49″
Max. user height 6′
Weight capacity 33 lbs
Unit weight 52.3 lbs
Warranty3 years
Dual tier, double monitor workstation with grey frame and walnut finish tops

Click image to view on Amazon. (affiliate link)

A good all-rounder with a generous working space. Tested for safety, durability and structural performance.

Down to Detail

The Seville Classics Airlift offers even more desk space and the top tier is designed for 2 x 22″ monitors or a single monitor and laptop set up. There’s an accessory slot at the front so you can keep an eye on your gadgets as you work.

The lower tier is also a good size and is designed for a standard keyboard and mouse. With the increased dimensions, you’ll also find that this model has a large footprint and the heaviest unit weight within our feature. Check to ensure this converter is compatible with your supporting desk. 

Although the Airlift has a Z-frame, its unusual design means it adjusts vertically within its own footprint so you don’t need to make extra allowances for depth.

The frame is made with top grade steel and this ultra durable converter is ANSI / BIFMA x 5.5 compliant, meaning it’s been tested for safety, durability and structural performance. It scores well generally and is a pretty good all-rounder for height, weight capacity and warranty.

PROs – great working space, ANSI / BIFMA compliant, good all rounder.

CONs – large footprint, heaviest unit weight.

The Fezibo 42″ Stand Up Riser

At a Glance

Top tier dimensions42″ x 17.8″
Keyboard tray dimensions37.2″ x 11.8″
Footprint29.3″ x 16.5″
Top tier height range4.9″ x 19.3″
Keyboard tray height range 1″ – 15.4″
Max. user height 6’3″ (or 6’8″ from top tier)
Weight capacity37.4 lbs
Unit weight36.6 lbs
Warranty3 years
Extra large Fezibo desk riser with black frame and worktops

Click image to view on Amazon. (affiliate link)

An extra wide workstation suitable for shallower spaces and taller than average users.

Down to Detail

Our final pick offers the widest worktops but is still suitable for more shallow spaces due to the slimmer tiers and X-frame design. However, this means you’re slightly limited with set up options as the lower tier is designed to accommodate a keyboard and mouse but not a laptop.

Both tiers feature an ergonomic front curve and if you do use a laptop, there’s plenty of room for it on the top tier along with a monitor. Or you could place 2 x 24″ monitors instead. There’s also a slot for your phone or tablet so you can keep your gadgets in view at all times.

Alternatively you could add a monitor mount to free more desktop space, particularly useful if you decide to remove the keyboard tray and work from the top tier only. (There’s a small grommet hole to the rear of the top tier along with a cut out for wires.)

The Fezibo 42″ has one of the best maximum height ranges, coming in a very close second to the FlexiSpot model, making it suitable for users up to 6’3″ when working from the lower tier, or up to 6’8″ if working from the upper tier instead.

PROs – suitable for shallow workspaces, generous desktop widths, great height range.

CONs – widest model not suitable for smaller workspaces, lower tier not designed for laptop use.

The Best Desk Converter Takeaway

Using a desk converter is a great way to improve your health and productivity. As you’ve seen from our 5 Best Standing Desk Converters Under $200, you really don’t need to break the bank to find good quality models with easy adjustment from well known, popular brands.

Each of our picks offer something a little different – from size to height range, from weight capacity to warranty and more. Let’s have a quick re-cap :

  • The VIVO 25″ – great for small spaces and light equipment but with a low weight capacity and not suitable for users over 5’8″
  • The FlexiSpot 28″ – ideal for smaller workspaces with a great height range, best overall warranty and the lowest price. You may need something bigger if you have a lot of kit.
  • The Rocelco 32″ – a good working space, a retractable keyboard tray for more flexible working and the lowest unit weight. The height range is limited though and this model comes with just a 1 year warranty.
  • The Seville Classics Airlift 36″ – a good all rounder with a generous working space and ANSI / BIFMA compliance. But check your supporting desk as this model has the largest footprint and is fairly heavy.
  • The Fezibo 42″ – this is a BIG converter with plenty of width and a great height range for taller users. Just make sure you have enough space for this mammoth workstation.

Whichever option you choose, be sure to ease yourself into your new regime as you go from sitting to standing more at work. Start off small and build up. And remember to check out the OSHA Computer Workstation eTool to make sure your set up is ergonomically sound.

Finally, let us know what you think – desk converter or standing desk? Manual or electric lift? Which brands would you be happy to recommend and which would you avoid? Drop us a line in the comments box or email 

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