Best Standing Desk Converters for Tall People

Two tier workstation with text reading "Best Standing Desk Converters For Tall People"Desk converters are a great way to upgrade your workstation and reduce the amount of time you spend sitting each day. But choosing the right one can be a challenge, especially if you’re looking for a model which gives you extra height. In this post we’ll be featuring 5 of the Best Standing Desk Converters for Tall People.

As you’ll see below, we’ve chosen a range of models which offer those extra inches. You’ll also see that each has something different to offer – from desktop workspace to style to lift capacity and more. You’ll find all you need to know within the individual product specs and overviews.

But first we’ve put together a brief Buyer’s Guide to help you choose the right converter to match your needs. We recommend reading this section first, especially if you’re buying a standing desk converter for the first time.

If you’re pushed for time right now, just click on a heading below to jump straight to that section.


Buyer’s Guide

Who is This Post For?

Tall man standing wearing a black suit and white shirtIf you’re around 6 feet in height or taller and are looking to sit less and stand more at work, this post is for you. You could either invest in a whole new desk or you could opt for a desk converter to sit on top of your existing workstation. Whichever you choose, if you’re taller than average it can be a challenge to find the right model to match your needs ergonomically. We’ve done the research to make life a little easier for you.

In this post we’ve selected 5 standing desk converters which offer additional inches in height, making them suitable for users from around 6 feet tall. (Up to around 6 feet 8 inches+.) You’ll find suggested user heights within each product overview below. We’ve based our calculations on a supporting desk of 30 inches, and we use Inch Calculator for recommended standing desk heights and ergonomic monitor placement.

But please note these are suggested heights and may not match you exactly. In order to select the best converter for you personally, we advise taking actual measurements before making your final choice.

For additional information and straightforward guidelines on all areas of workstation set up, check out the OSHA Computer Workstations eTool.

But it’s not just tall people who need those extra inches. This post is also for you if :

  • you use an anti-fatigue mat for standing work – these can be around an inch or 2 thick
  • you use a balance board for standing work – these can add 3 or 4 inches to your height
  • you use an under desk treadmill – you may need up to 5 inches in additional desk height to compensate.

Is Your Supporting Desk Up To The Job?

It’s all well and good finding a sound, sturdy desk converter that’s going to keep you and your essentials safe and stable, but you need to know that your supporting desk is up to the job as well. Make sure you check :

  • Your supporting desk’s weight capacity – as well as the weight of your laptop, keyboard, mouse, monitor(s) and whatever else your kit consists of, factor in the weight of your chosen converter as well.
  • Desktop dimensions – make sure you have enough desktop space to support the base of the converter at least.

You’ll find converter unit weight and footprint dimensions in each product spec.

If your existing desk just doesn’t cut the mustard anymore, it may be time to consider a new adjustable standing desk.

Types of Standing Desk Converter

If you’re new to standing desk converters, here’s a brief explanation of the different types we’ve featured in this post. Again, you’ll find more detail within each product overview.

Adjustment Type

Two tier electric standing desk converter with keyboard, mouse, laptop and monitor
Manual converters are counterbalanced and use a gas spring or pneumatic cyclinder for smooth and quick adjustment. (Some manual converters are operated by a crank handle but we haven’t featured those types in this post.)
Electric converters also offer a smooth transition but take a few seconds longer for full adjustment. Operation is simple with up or down buttons and some feature a memory function for height pre-sets.


Ergotech post and base desk converter with dual monitor supports
X-frame standing desk converters usually have 2 tiers and adjust straight up or down.
Z-frame models are also usually 2 tier, but these types of converter adjust up and out or down and back. (These require additional space so double check dimensions if your work area is compact.)
Post and base models (see above) usually comprise a single worktop and have a post to the rear with an attached monitor mount or arm.


Some converters include monitor mounts and most others are compatible with them. Using a monitor mount brings many benefits including more ergonomic screen positioning and more available worktop space.  They can be a useful add-on, giving you more options for a versatile workstation.
iMovR dual monitor mount with adjusting handle

Choosing The Right Converter For You

Along with making sure your chosen converter is tall enough and your supporting desk is big and strong enough, there are still a number of factors to consider when choosing the right converter for you. We covered the different types briefly in the previous section, but what else should you know before you buy?

Computer workstation comprising monitor, mouse, keyboard and telephoneMake sure the desktop dimensions of your chosen converter give you ample space to work comfortably with your laptop, keyboard, mouse and so on. Take actual measurements to be sure. Sometimes product images can be misleading.

As well as checking the weight capacity of your supporting desk, check how much your desk converter can handle as well. Exceeding weight limits may cause damage to the converter or your equipment, and is likely to void the warranty.

Speaking of warranty, each model in our top 5 comes with fairly good cover. If you don’t find what you’re looking for here, be sure to check warranty details if looking elsewhere. It’s tempting to cut a few dollars here and there, but without ample warranty cover you could be throwing money away on a product which won’t last.

Finally, we’ve ordered the products in this feature according to price – from lowest upwards. (Prices correct at the time of publishing.) You’ll notice that we’ve given you the price range for each converter in the individual specs. Prices fluctuate during seasonal sales and as new products come on to the market, so click on the button in each product section for live pricing and a direct link to the full product page.

Best Standing Desk Converters for Tall People

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The VIVO Dual Monitor Combo

** This is the best for budget but only just makes it into the top 5 – with recommended user heights of 6 feet maximum **

At a Glance

Footprint30″ x 16″
Top tier dimensions31.5′ x 15.7″
Lower tier dimensions31.3″ x 11.8″
Top tier height4.2″ – 19.7″
Lower tier height Up to 15.5″
Max. height monitors36.7″
Unit weight 36.78 lbs
Lift capacity33 lbs
Price range<$150

About the VIVO Dual Monitor Combo

Our first pick is a combo deal from VIVO comprising their 32″ desk converter (model DESK-V000K) and dual monitor desk mount (model STAND-V002). VIVO offer a range of mix and match style products but we’ve chosen this particular pairing because it offers you a 2-tier workspace along with a separate dual monitor support. It’s a VERY good choice budget-wise and we wanted to show you what you can find for under $150 if you look hard enough. 

First let’s talk about the monitor mount. It’s designed for 2 x VESA compatible monitors with screens between 13″ and 17″ and with a weight capacity of 22 lbs per monitor. You have multiple choices for screen placement and positioning from 360° rotation to 180° swivel and a tilt option from +80° to -90° per monitor. Height adjustment is independent of the converter, and with a range of 17″ the maximum monitor height is 36.7″.

With these measurements, our first selection only just makes it into this feature as suitable for tall people. (Please remember that recommended measurements are a guideline only and we advise you to take actual measurements before deciding on the right converter for you.) If you need a little extra height but all else is to your liking, you could always shop around for a taller monitor mount.

The converter itself has an x-frame design which means it adjusts straight up and down without requiring additional depth. (Z-frame models adjust up and out as they elevate.) Actual working area is on the smaller side but this also makes the VIVO model more suitable for compact spaces. Adjustment is smooth and easy with the pneumatic spring. (Converter available in a choice of 4 colors.)

WARRANTY – 3 years.

PROs – great price, flexible monitor placement and positioning, smooth pneumatic spring lift.

CONs – recommended for users 6 feet max., limited workspace.

The FlexiSpot M7L AlcoveRiser

** Another affordable workstation offering a range of set-up options along with a good weight capacity **

At a Glance

Footprint27.56″ x 14.75″
Top tier dimensions41.7″ x 16.34″
Lower tier dimensions34.6″ x 12.13″
Top tier height 4.7″ – 19.88″
Lower tier heightUp to 15.18″
Unit weight 35.9 lbs
Lift capacity44 lbs top / 4.4 lbs lower tier
Price range$200 – $250

About the FlexiSpot M7L AlcoveRiser

The FlexiSpot M7L is also a spring lift, x-frame converter with 2 tiers. Although this model comes without a monitor mount, the top level has plenty of room to support 2 good-sized monitors. Of course, if you want to use a monitor mount as well, you can. Just make sure it has a clamp attachment. 

The u-shaped design means you have the choice of using a 17″ laptop on the lower tier or a full sized keyboard and mouse. The choice is yours – they will each fit comfortably. Should you wish to work without the keyboard tray, simply use the quick release handles and remove it in seconds. 

With this model, you have a number of options. Let’s take a look at recommended user / desktop heights. If you’re working from the lower tier, maximum user height is around 6’3″. If you’re working from the upper tier it increases to 6’7″. (Based on a supporting desk of 30″.) For correct monitor height, users up to around 6’2″ could work comfortably with an 18″ tall screen on the top tier. (Increase this further with a monitor mount.)

The FlexiSpot M7L also has the lowest unit weight but one of the higher lift capacity ratings. This makes it ideal if your supporting desk has a lower weight capacity as the majority of those valuable pounds can be taken up by your equipment and not your converter.

WARRANTY – 5 years frame and desktops, 3 years gas spring and other mechanisms.

PROs – great price, different options for workstation set-up, lowest unit weight, good lift capacity, good warranty.

CONs – additional costs if purchasing a monitor mount as well.

The AVLT Dual Monitor Electric Standing Desk

** This is the very best option for height, it has a programmable memory function and can support 2 x larger monitors as well **

At a Glance

Footprint19″ x 15.7″
Top tier dimensions28.3″ x 15.7″
Lower tier dimensions28.3″ x 8.7″
Top tier height3.9″ – 23.6″
Lower tier heightUp to 19.7″
Max. height monitors 47.2″
Unit weight 74.8 lbs
Lift capacity35.2 lbs monitors / 55 lbs desktop
Price rangeAround $400

About the AVLT Dual Monitor Electric Standing Desk

The AVLT Dual Monitor option has one of the smallest footprints within our feature along with the smallest top tier and keyboard tray.  Although you will still have room for your essentials, this converter won’t give you heaps of room to play with.

What it does offer is the best maximum monitor, desktop and keyboard tray heights, making it suitable for extra tall users beyond 6 feet 8″. It also has the best combined weight capacity, standing way out in front of the rest. Add to that the large dual monitor capacity – 2 x 32″ – and you can begin to forgive this model for the smaller work area.

Monitor height adjustment is independent of the converter and you can position the monitors separately as well. There’s a 45° tilt option along with a 30° swivel and 360° rotation, allowing you to find the best ergonomic position for your screens.

You can raise and lower with the up and down buttons or press one of the 3 memory pre-sets for your favorite height. There’s even a timer so you can set sit-stand reminders. 

WARRANTY – 5 years.

PROs – best for extra tall users, best weight capacity, for large monitors, memory function, good warranty.

CONs – limited workspace.

The Victor DC450 Electric Standing Desk

** A great choice for flexible monitor placement, compact work spaces and users up to around 6’8″ tall **

At a Glance

Footprint17.5″ x 15.5″
Desktop dimensions28″ x 23″
Desktop height Up to 20″
Max. height monitors44″
Unit weight 45 lbs
Lift capacity25 lbs monitors / 20 lbs desktop
Price range$400 – $450

About the Victor Dual DC450 Electric Standing Desk

Our next pick is a post and base style riser which again includes a dual monitor mount. It will hold 2 x 25″ VESA compatible monitors weighing up to 12.5 lbs each. As well as adjustment independent of the base unit, the screens can be adjusted separately from each other. Positioning options are 360° rotation, 90° up and down tilt plus a 140° side to side swivel range.

This model offers one of the smaller desktops and the smallest footprint. So if you’re limited for space – on your supporting desk and within your work area – and you have minimal equipment aside from your monitors, then this could be a great choice for you. (For users with more kit, look for something with a larger workspace and a higher weight capacity.)

With “easy tap” height adjustment you can raise and lower with a single touch of a button. There’s also a built-in safety sensor which stops all movement should an object be detected underneath the worktop. The maximum heights make this model suitable for users up to around 6’8″ tall. (Based on a 30″ supporting desk.)

WARRANTY – 3 years.

PROs – good monitor positioning and placement options, for users up to 6’8″, great for compact work spaces.

CONs – small workspace, single tier only, low desktop weight capacity.

The VariDesk Tall 40 Sit Stand Riser

** This heavy-duty, z-frame converter is also suitable for extra tall users, boasting a great maximum height and almost effortless adjustment **

At a Glance

Footprint40″ x 25.6″
Top tier dimensions40″ x 19.5″
Lower tier dimensions33.5″ x 12.34″
Top tier height4.75″ – 23″
Lower tier heightUp to 18.25″
Unit weight 94.8 lbs
Lift capacity35 lbs
Price range$550 – $600

About the VariDesk Tall 40 Sit Stand Riser

This 2-tier desk converter from Vari features spring-assisted adjustment and a z-frame design. It has the largest footprint within our Top 5, but you should also be aware of the need for some additional space. Z-frames don’t simply adjust up and down, but rather up and out or down and back.

Because of this, the total measurement from front to back when the converter is fully lowered is 28.5″. At its highest, the depth required from the back of the base to the front of the lower tier is 43.5″. The top tier is a good size and offers plenty of room for dual monitors. However, about a third of the working space is lost due to the u-shaped design and cut-outs which give access to the dual lift handles to the left and right. 

The keyboard tray is generous and will easily accommodate a full size keyboard and mouse. It’s also retractable, making your workspace a little more flexible. The base is heavily weighted which makes for a super-sturdy workstation, but also means your supporting desk has an additional 94.8 pounds to handle.

The VariDesk Tall 40 does what it says on the tin with regards to catering for taller users. It has one of the best height ranges and when using a keyboard from the lower tier, this model is suitable for users up to around 6’8″ tall, or even taller if working from the upper tier. (Based on a 30″ supporting desk.) However, with the VariDesk you’re limited to a choice of 9 height settings.

There are mixed feelings about this model, and indeed regarding the Vari brand as a whole. Yes, they are a well-known, established company which makes top end products with superior quality materials, backed by strong warranties and after sales support. But are they really worth the price tag? We’ll let you decide.

WARRANTY – 5 years.

PROs – super-sturdy, great height for users 6’8″+, commercial grade materials, good warranty.

CONs – additional space / depth required, heaviest converter, limited by height settings, high price tag.

The Converters for Tall People Takeaway

Whether you’re 6 feet+ tall or need some extra inches to compensate for your standing mat, balance board or under desk treadmill, we hope you found what you were looking for in today’s post. We researched and selected 5 of the best standing desk converters for tall people to help you to choose the right model for you.

Here’s a recap on what each has to offer :

  • The VIVO Dual Monitor Combo – best for budget, this 2-tier workstation comes with a dual monitor arm included but it’s only just suitable for users who are 6 feet tall.
  • The FlexiSpot M7L AlcoveRiser – another affordable option with a good weight capacity. This 2-tier model offers a good working space. If you need to free some up, go for a clamp style monitor mount.
  • The AVLT Dual Monitor Electric Standing Desk – the very best for height, this option also has a controller memory function and is suitable for larger monitors. Workspace is limited though.
  • The Victor DC450 Electric Standing Desk – another great choice for extra height and ergonomic monitor placement. Again, there’s limited workspace and the weight capacity is on the low side.
  • The VariDesk Tall 40 Sit Stand Riser – this heavy duty, commercial grade riser is another top choice for extra tall users, but you’re limited by 9 height settings and a price tag at the top of the range.

So did you find what you were looking for here? If not, remember to check the points we covered in the Buyer’s Guide when shopping around. Or check out some of our other posts for ideas and inspiration.

Finally – as always – we would love to hear from you. So if you have any questions, comments or feedback drop us a comment in the box below or email

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