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How’s things? Seriously, how are you REALLY doing? That’s a pretty big question. It’s a tough world out there right now and a lot of us are struggling. Intense stress is the root of so many physical, mental and emotional health issues and no one is immune. We’ve created the Wellness at Work hub to share some ideas with you about how you can start to make things a little better.

Here you’ll find a range of exercises and practices that you can introduce to the office – whether you share your workspace with a big team or you’re a lone ranger working remotely. Take a look at the posts below to find out how you can experience more wellness at work to relieve stress and anxiety, to ramp up your productivity and motivation, to alleviate aches and pains plus so much more.

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Wellness strategies can help to recharge the batteries and keep us soldiering on through difficult times and beyond. By taking control and developing new and beneficial habits, we become more pro-active instead of waiting for things to get better (or worse). It sounds simple yet it’s extremely powerful.

The aim of the hub is to give you a “go to” for different tools and ideas so you can create a great year ahead regardless of the challenges you find yourself dealing with – in work and outside of work as well. We’ll be adding new posts regularly so bookmark this page and come back soon. Please share with colleagues, family and friends.

Please note the information within these articles does not replace medical advice and here at Jet Office Solutions we are not doctors or health practitioners. (Click here for medical disclaimer.) If you need professional help, please don’t suffer in silence…contact the relevant organization. We’ve listed some below – just click for a direct link.

Or visit CALM (Campaign Against Living Miserably) for details of international mental health charities. 

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