Top 5 Single Tier Standing Desk Converters

FlexiSpot ML2 single tier riser with title text reading "Top 5 Single Tier Standing Desk Converters"Sitting less and standing more at work can help to fight the many health risks associated with increased sedentary behavior. We’ve selected our Top 5 Single Tier Standing Desk Converters for a budget-friendly way to improve both your health and productivity.

There are a heap of different styles and types of converters out there, but in today’s post we’re keeping it simple. The converters we’ve chosen feature a single desktop and are the ideal solution if your set up features minimal, fairly lightweight equipment. 

So take a look at our top 5 to see which would suit you and your workspace best. Before you make your final decision, we recommend reading our Single Tier Desk Converter Buyer’s Guide, especially if you’re buying a standing desk converter for the first time.

In This Feature…

The Single Tier Desk Converter Buyer’s Guide

About Our Top 5

The FlexiSpot single tier ML2 riser featuring an x-frame designThe converters we’ve selected for our top 5 each have a single desktop and feature an x-frame design. This means they adjust straight up and down, as opposed to z-frame models which adjust up and out or down and backwards. Each model selected adjusts manually.

Our chosen risers range from very lightweight and portable to extra large. They each have a good height range and this is particularly useful for taller users or if you use an under desk treadmill, balance board and so on. 

For each converter you’ll find basic specs, a linked image and further details underneath. We’ve summarized with pros and cons to help you to decide which model will suit your needs best. 

Take a look at the pointers below before you make your final decision. If you’re buying a standing desk converter for the first time, there are a number of considerations which may seem obvious but can be easily overlooked.


When choosing your converter, check the footprint or base measurement and make sure your supporting desk is large enough to accommodate it. The models in this feature each have a relatively small footprint, but be sure to double check if you’re shopping around, particularly if your workspace is limited.

Also check that your equipment will fit comfortably onto the converter desktop. Take actual measurements as product images can sometimes be misleading. If you need additional space, a two tier model will probably be more suitable for you.

Height Range and User Height

Along with the minimum and maximum height settings, you’ll find the suggested maximum user height in each of the product specs below.

We use Inch Calculator as a reference point for keyboard work whilst standing. (We’ve based our calculations on a supporting desk height of 30″.)

Please note these are recommended heights and should be used as a guideline only. Check your actual measurements to work out the correct height requirements for you personally.

Remember you’ll need to add inches if you use an anti-fatigue mat, balance board, under desk treadmill and so on.

For straight forward information on how to set up your workstation for maximum ergonomic benefit, take a look at the OSHA Computer Workstation eTool.

Desk Height Calculator

Unit Weight and Weight Capacity

Weighing scales showing measurements in pounds, ounces and kilogramsUnit weight is important for 2 reasons. Firstly, are you looking for a portable sit stand solution? And secondly, can your supporting desk handle the weight of your equipment as well as the weight of the converter itself? We’ve given you the numbers in each of the specs.

Single tier converters are generally designed for users with less or extra-lightweight equipment. Check your chosen model’s weight capacity and be sure not to exceed it. Doing so could cause wobbling, damage the lift mechanism and void your warranty. Weigh your equipment to be on the safe side.

If you need a higher weight capacity, take a look at our post on the Top 5 Electric Standing Desk Converters.

What Else You Should Know

Another point to consider when choosing the right converter is warranty cover. Also, look for extras such as safety certification, height limitations (i.e. are there pre-determined height settings or can you choose any height within the range) and ergonomic detail such as rounded edges.

Price is another important factor as well. We’ve given you the price range for each of our top 5 because prices fluctuate during sales periods or as new products come onto the market. To view live pricing, along with stock and shipping details, click on the converter image for the full product page.

If you have any questions on the converters listed, reach out and let us know – we’ll be happy to help out.

Top 5 Single Tier Standing Desk Converters

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The Rocelco Portable 19″ Laptop Riser

At a Glance

Desktop dimensions19″ x 10″
Footprint19″ x 10″
Height range0.9″ – 15′
Maximum user height6’3′
Unit Weight6.6 lbs
Weight capacity11 lbs
Price rangeAround $100
Single tier Rocelco riser with laptop
Click image to view on Amazon

Down to Detail

We’ve selected the Rocelco compact riser because it’s an ideal solution if you’re out and about or on the move. This is the lightest model featured and its ultra slim design means you can simply slip it into its carrying pouch and take it with you to presentations, hotel stopovers or to and from work.

Bear in mind that this riser is designed specifically for a laptop and mouse – nothing else. This is reflected by the small work area and low weight capacity. If you need more space and lift, this model won’t suit you.

The maximum height is the lowest within our feature, but it’s still a good height nonetheless. There are 8 settings within the 14 inch scope to choose from and the lift is spring assisted for smoother adjustment.

The Rocelco riser comes without thrills and spills and the warranty is for 1 year only, but it really does what it says on the tin. Available in black or white.

PROs – small, lightweight, carrying pouch included – extremely portable.

CONs – small work area, low weight capacity, lowest max. height, 1 year warranty.

The FlexiSpot 27″ GoRiser

At a Glance

Desktop dimensions26.8″ x 18.9″
Footprint21.4″ x 16.3″
Height range1.8″ – 15.9″
Maximum user height6’7″
Unit Weight18.26 lbs
Weight capacity26.4 lbs
Price rangeAround $100
Click image to view on FlexiSpot

Down to Detail

The FlexiSpot GoRiser is a step or 2 ahead of the Rocelco 19″, and although this model was also designed simply for a laptop and mouse, you have a lot more space to work with. There’s also room for wrist support, making the FlexiSpot converter more suitable as a longer term solution, rather than a quick fix whilst you’re on the move.

That said, this is still a relatively small riser. The desktop dimensions along with the footprint measurements make it suitable for more compact workspaces and smaller supporting desks.

The weight capacity is the best of our top 5 and the sturdy steel frame provides a strong base from which to work. In addition, the base is skid-resistant and desktop edges are rounded for comfort and safety. For users up to a round 6’4″, simply use the adjustment button to lock in to one of 6 height settings.

The FlexiSpot Go Riser comes with a good overall warranty and is available in black or white.

PROs – suitable for compact work areas, best weight capacity, good overall warranty.

CONs – small workspace, limited to 6 height settings.

The VIVO Economy 29″ Sit Stand Workstation

At a Glance

Desktop dimensions29.3″ x 17.8″
Footprint25.8″ x 12.8″
Height range1.8″ – 16.5″
Maximum user height6’4″
Unit Weight23.6 lbs
Weight capacity22 lbs
Price range<$100
Single tier desk riser by VIVO with monitor, keyboard, mouse and clock
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Down to Detail

Our third pick is a great budget option and has the lowest price within this feature. But being affordable doesn’t mean you need to skimp on other areas. The VIVO 29″ workstation is a really good all-rounder; it has a good working space, height range, weight capacity and warranty.

A few extra inches give you more choice when it comes to desktop set up. As long as you keep within the weight limit, you have the option to use additional equipment and perhaps even a monitor mount to free up more space.

Non-skid rubber padding and a solid steel frame help to keep your equipment safe and wobble free. The smooth lifting mechanism makes adjustment easy, although you may need to use a little pressure when lowering. With this model you’re not limited by height settings – choose the exact height that suits you within the range.

Available in black only.

PROs – best price, no height settings, great all-rounder.

CONs – may need more space / weight if you use a lot of equipment.

The WOKA 31″ Standing Desk Converter

At a Glance

Desktop dimensions30.7″ x 17.5″
Footprint25.6″ x 13.3″
Height range2.5″ – 17.7″
Maximum user height6’5″
Unit Weight22 lbs
Weight capacity22 lbs
Price range Around $100
Single tier desk riser from WOKA with monitor and laptop
Click image to view on Wokamall

Down to Detail

The WOKA converter is similar to the VIVO model in size and weight capacity, but it scores higher on many levels. Featuring a gas spring for smooth adjustment, it has the best maximum height, making it suitable for taller users.

This riser is certified by UL, BIFMA and RoHS, meaning it has met strict safety regulations and standards relating to durability and performance. This is backed up by a 5 year warranty, which is the best of the bunch (with the FlexiSpot GoRiser coming in a close 2nd.)

The desktop size is good and with a slim footprint, this model is also suitable for more shallow work spaces. The corners are rounded for safety and the anti-skid pads help to keep the converter safe and stable, as well as keeping your supporting desk scratch-free.

Available in black only.

PROs – best max. height, best warranty, safety and performance certification.

CONs – may need more space / weight if you use a lot of equipment.

The X-Elite Pro Corner 40″

At a Glance

Desktop dimensions39.25″ x 27.5″
Footprint23.5″ x 16.25″
Height range2.25″ – 16.75″
Maximum user height6’4″
Unit Weight45 lbs
Weight capacity20 lbs
Price range$200 – $250
Black single tier desk riser with corner shaped design
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Down to Detail

Our final pick is a BIG converter. The size of this model gives you a lot more space to work from and the option of additional equipment. But beware…the weight capacity doesn’t increase with size, so check your kit doesn’t exceed the 20 pound limit. Check also that your supporting desk is up to the job, as this is the heaviest converter in our top 5.

The corner design makes this riser suitable for cubicles or L-shaped desks, as well as for regular workspaces. (Note the desktop dimensions are given for the deepest / widest points. A little space is lost due to the corner design and a cut out for the adjustment handle.)

The height range is good and adjustment is smooth and easy with the pneumatic lift mechanism. There are no pre-sets with this model so you can select any height within the range. Available in black, white, cherry or maple, choose your finish to complement your work space. 

The X-Elite Pro Corner gives so much, but it’s the highest priced riser within our feature, and this makes the 1 year warranty all the more diappointing.

PROs – great working space, suitable for cubicles and L-desks, smooth adjustment, choice of colors.

CONs – 20 lb weight limit, heaviest converter, top of price range, 1 year warranty.

The Single Tier Desk Converter Takeaway

Alternating between sitting and standing at work is a great way to improve your health and productivity. If you use minimal, fairly lightweight equipment, a single tier standing desk converter could be the ideal solution for you.

For today’s post we selected our top 5 to help you choose the right converter to match your needs, your equipment and your workspace. Here’s a recap on what each model has to offer :

  • The Rocelco Portable 19″ Riser – small, lightweight and extremely portable, ideal for presentations or working out and about.
  • The FlexiSpot 27″ GoRiser – great for small work areas with the best weight capacity and a good overall warranty.
  • The VIVO Economy 29″ Workstation – the most affordable of our top 5 making it best for budget and it’s a great all-rounder.
  • The WOKA 31″ Converter – with the best maximum height and best warranty, also comes with safety and performance certification. 
  • The X-Elite Pro Corner 40″ – with the largest desktop work area, the corner design makes it ideal for cubicles or L-shaped desks.

So what did you think? Did you find a single tier converter to match your needs or are you looking for something with more space and a higher weight capacity? Check out our other posts on desk converters if you didn’t find what you were looking for here.

Or perhaps consider a standing desk. There are some really good budget options available and we always feature great products with massive savings in our Hot Deals section. (See top right-hand side bar.)

As always we would love to hear from you. Post your questions and comments in the box below or email

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