Top 5 Electric Standing Desk Converters

Back view of a desk converter above text reading "Top 5 Electric Standing Desk Converters"Desk converters are a great way to reduce the amount of time spent sitting each day. There are many options out there, but which one will work best for you? In today’s post we’ve selected our Top 5 Electric Standing Desk Converters to help you decide.

We’ll give you an “at a glance” preview of each model, followed by more in-depth product information plus the pros and cons of each. This way you get a clear picture of what each option really has to offer.

But first we’ve highlighted the key considerations you should be aware of when choosing the right sit-stand work station. You’ll find these in the Buyer’s Guide section, and we strongly recommend reading this if you’re choosing a desk converter for the first time.

If you prefer, you can simply click on a heading in the contents below to jump straight to that section.


Buyer’s Guide – Read Before You Buy

In this section we’ll cover the key considerations when it comes to choosing the right desk converter for you – especially useful if you’re buying for the first time.

Which is Best – Manual or Electric?

Manual Adjustment

Black manual adjusting standing desk converter
There are 2 main types of manually adjusting desk converter – crank or counterbalance.
With crank converters you turn the handle clockwise or anti-clockwise until you reach your desired height. Adjustment is slow and requires a fair amount of effort but these models usually cost less.
Counterbalance is by means of a gas-spring or pneumatic cylinder. These offer the fastest adjustment and require only a little effort by the user. Generally these types of converter are high up on the price range.
If you suffer with certain MSDs (eg carpal tunnel syndrome) electric adjustment may be a better option for you.

Electric Adjustment

Electric adjusting standing desk converter with dual mounted monitors, laptop and mouse
Electric converters do all the work for you – apart from pressing the up and down button or choosing your pre-set height.
You can expect an average adjustment speed of around 1.5″ per second which is quicker than crank adjustment but slower than counterbalance models.
You can also expect an amount of noise, although most models operate at very quiet levels so you should hardly notice.
Some electric converters offer extras such as anti-collision technology or USB charge ports.
With electric converters you’re a little more limited on where to set up your workstation as you’ll need to be near a power outlet.

Generally speaking, electric converters tend to have a higher weight or lift capacity, although this isn’t always the case. Be sure to check, especially if you have a lot of equipment to support.

Why Your Supporting Desk Matters

You’ll need a sturdy supporting desk for your converter to sit safely and securely on. It will need to hold the weight of your converter plus whatever equipment you have. It will also need to be big enough for the converter. Be sure to check the following :

  • Supporting desk weight capacity – as well as the weight of your equipment, you need to know that your supporting desk can also handle the weight of the converter itself.
  • Converter footprint – these are the dimensions of the base section. Make sure your supporting desk is big enough to place your converter on without any overhang from the base.

Each of the specs for our Top 5 includes the converter unit weight and footprint dimensions for quick and easy reference.

Check the Basics Before You Buy


The actual size of a standing desk converter – even those on the smaller side – can be a bit of a shock when first unpacked and set up, so make sure your chosen model will fit into the physical space you have to work with.
Also measure up your equipment for a comfortable fit. Some models are single tier, others have 2 levels for you to work from. You’ll find all the measurements you need in the product specs below.
Each converter is different and some worktops lose a little width or depth if they feature cut-outs or U-shaped designs, so be aware of this when planning your space requirements.
Two tier electric standing desk converter with keyboard, mouse, laptop and monitor


Woman holding a steel tape measure to measure her height
We’ve given the height range of the top tier as well as the maximum height of the keyboard tray for dual tier models.
Use these measurements, along with the height of your supporting desk, to ensure your chosen converter can adjust high enough to give you the correct ergonomic positioning.
For guidance on suggested ergonomic desk heights visit the Inch Calculator website. For easy to follow instructions on workstation set-up visit the OSHA Computer Workstations eTool.

Lift Capacity

As well as checking your supporting desk’s weight capacity, you’ll also need to check that your equipment doesn’t exceed your chosen converter’s lift capacity.

Which Features Matter to You?

Some controllers feature up and down buttons only whilst others allow you to program your favorite height pre-sets and sit-stand reminders.
Some dual tier models feature retractable keyboard trays and others allow you to remove the lower tier completely. Have a think about how flexible you need your workspace to be.
Other additional features include USB or wireless charging ports and extra safety detail. Converter price usually increases with these options but that’s not always the case, as you’ll see below.
Perhaps one of the most important features to consider is the product warranty. It’s always re-assuring to know that you’re covered if things go wrong.
A smartphone being placed on a wireless charger

What Else You Should Know

We’ve featured our Top 5 in order from lowest to highest price. (Information correct at the time of publishing.) We’ve given the price range but please note that prices fluctuate during seasonal sales or as new products come on to the market. To view live prices, click on the converter image to go directly to the individual product page.

Top 5 Electric Standing Desk Converters

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The FlexiSpot AlcoveRiser (Model EM7MB)

** A good all-rounder combining affordability, quality, height range and lift capacity **

At a Glance

Footprint27.6″ x 14.8″
Top tier36″ x 16.3″
Keyboard tray34.6″ x 12.1″
Height range top tier5.7″ – 19.7″
Maximum height keyboard tray14.7″
Unit weight40 lbs
Lift capacity55 lbs
Price range<$250
FlexiSpot electric standing desk converter with monitor and laptop

Click image for FlexiSpot product page. (affiliate link)

About the FlexiSpot AlcoveRiser

The top tier is a good size and has room for 2 x 22″ monitors with a lift capacity of up to 44 lbs. It features a U-shaped design which will comfortably accommodate a 17″ laptop on the lower tier. (Alternatively use the lower level for a full-sized keyboard and mouse.)

The keyboard tray can support a generous 11 lbs. It’s also removable, so if you’d rather work with the top tier only simply unlock the handle grips and release the tray in a second.

This is the lightest model within our Top 5, so if your supporting desk has a low weight capacity you can save precious pounds with the lower unit weight.

Operation is smooth and quiet and this FlexiSpot model uses just 2 buttons for up or down adjustment. Once in place, the unique lift and brace system ensures superior stability – even at maximum height – so taller users can work without the wobble. (FlexiSpot recommends this model for users up to 6’1″ or 6’5″ when supported by a 28″ or 31″ desk respectively.)

WARRANTY – 5 years for the frame and worktops, 3 years mechanical cover.

PROs – great price, good sized keyboard tray, lowest unit weight, superior stability.

CONs – basic operation, no choice of colors.

The ApexDesk ZT Series Converter

** Another budget-friendly option with the largest top tier working space **

At a Glance

Footprint33.5″ x 22.5″
Top tier36″ x 24″
Keyboard tray25″ x 9.5″
Height range top tier5.7″ – 18.1″
Maximum height keyboard tray12.4″
Unit weight50 lbs
Lift capacity45 lbs
Price rangeAround $250

Click image for Amazon product page. (affiliate link)

About the ApexDesk ZT Series Converter

Our next pick offers the largest top tier workspace as it’s almost completely rectangular apart from a slight inward curve at the front and rounded corners. This gives you plenty of room for 2 x 22″ monitors, a laptop or tablet and more. 

The keyboard tray is much slimmer but you should still have room for a keyboard and mouse – although it may be a little tight, depending on the size of your peripherals. The tray itself is retractable. This is an unusual feature which gives you additional options for workspace set-up.

The tiers are made with high-density MDF and are finished with high-pressure melamine laminate, making them scratch-resistant and easy to clean. (Available in black, white or walnut.) The sturdy steel base has a good lift capacity but you can double this to 90 lbs if you’re keeping your converter stationary.

Operation is straightforward with up or down buttons and there’s a USB port on the control panel for convenient charging of your gadgets.

This is a good, budget-friendly model but it has the largest footprint of our Top 5 and the lowest maximum height. So if you have a small supporting desk and need those extra inches for height, this probably isn’t the best choice for you.

WARRANTY – 5 years structure, 2 years motor and moving parts.

PROs – great price, best top tier working space, retractable keyboard tray, built-in USB charge port.

CONs – largest footprint, smallest keyboard tray, lowest height.

The Victor DC400 Single Monitor Riser

** Ideal for smaller spaces and more ergonomic monitor adjustment **

At a Glance

Footprint17.5″ x 15.5″
Desktop dimensions28″ x 23″
Desktop height rangeUp to 20″
Monitor height range12.5″
Unit weight45 lbs
Lift capacityMount 25 lbs / desktop 20 lbs
Price range$300 – $350

Click image for Amazon product page. (affiliate link)

About the Victor DC400 Single Monitor Riser

Our next pick is a “post and base” style riser. It’s only a single tier unit but if flexible screen placement is important to you, you have more options with this model. You can swivel your screen side to side, rotate it 360° or tilt it up or down to a maximum of 90°.

Desktop adjustment is completely independent of monitor adjustment which makes for better ergonomic positioning. This model will support a VESA compatible monitor up to 25 lbs. (Dual and triple monitor risers are also available in the Victor range.)

One-touch height adjustment is easy and means you don’t have to hold the up or down buttons as the desktop raises or lowers. There’s an additional safety feature with this model which will stop movement should any obstacles be detected under the worktop when lowering.

The Victor DC400 has the smallest footprint and one of the smallest desktop areas within our Top 5. This makes it ideal for more compact spaces and for users with minimal equipment.

WARRANTY – 3 years.

PROs – flexible monitor placement and positioning, good height ranges, safety sensor, easy adjustment, great for compact spaces.

CONs – limited desktop space, single tier only.

The AVLT Triple Monitor Workstation

** A great choice for taller users with a multi-monitor set-up **

At a Glance

Footprint19″ x 15.7″
Top tier28.3″ x 15.7″
Keyboard tray28.3″ x 8.7″
Height range top tier3.9″ – 23.6″
Maximum height keyboard tray19.7″
Monitor height rangeUp to 47.2″
Unit weight79.8 lbs
Lift capacity55 lbs desktop / 13.2 lbs
per monitor
Price range$400 – $450

Click image for Amazon product page. (affiliate link)

About the AVLT Triple Monitor Workstation

Our next pick is also a post and base style riser but this model supports 3 VESA compatible monitors up to 32″ each. In addition, there’s a top tier plus a keyboard tray. Although these worktops aren’t particularly large when compared to other models, you still have room for a keyboard, mouse and a laptop or other essentials.

Again, you can raise your monitors separately from the working tiers, allowing for more ergonomic positioning. For surround monitor set-up there’s a 0-15° swivel range and the individual monitors can tilt 45° and rotate 360°, giving you multiple options for optimal viewing.

The digital control panel can be placed left, right or centre, depending on your preference, and you can program up to 3 heights in the memory. There’s also a timer for sit-stand reminders and this converter has the best height range of our Top 5.

This is the heaviest model within our feature, so as well as factoring in the weight of your monitors and other equipment, make sure your supporting desk can handle the additional 79.8 lbs converter weight. Also bear in mind that the AVLT Triple Monitor Workstation requires more assembly and installation than the other featured models.

WARRANTY – 5 years.

PROs – flexible monitor options for more ergonomic positioning, great height range, 3 height pre-sets plus sit stand reminders.

CONs – small worktops, heaviest unit, over $400.

The VersaDesk Power Pro 48″

** This extra large workstation looks good and can handle up to 80 lbs of equipment **

At a Glance

Footprint30″ x 15.5″
Top tier48″ x 16.25″
Keyboard tray48″ x 10″
Height range top tier5″ – 20″
Maximum height keyboard tray15″
Unit weight47 lbs
Lift capacity80 lbs
Price rangeAround $500

Click image for Amazon product page. (affiliate link)

About the VersaDesk Power Pro 48″

We really like the modern aesthetic of this VersaDesk model with black frame and maple worktops. (Also available in black or white.) In addition to looking good, it’s proudly made in the USA and has been rated by BIFMA for safety and performance.

Not to mention the sheer size of this workstation – with a whopping 4 feet in width, the top tier can easily accomodate 3 x 23″ monitors. If you prefer, there are grommet holes on the top level which you can use for cable management or to diversify your workspace with monitor mounts.

With a matching keyboard tray width and a worktop weight capacity of 80 lbs – the best of our top picks – you have a lot more choice when it comes to add-ons and configuration options. 

The frame is made with carbon steel which is extra strong and durable and the tiers are finished with top quality laminate which resists scratches, dents and fading. Height adjustment is easy with the push button design for up or down function only.

WARRANTY – 3 years for mechanics, lifetime for frame.

PROs – BIFMA rated, best weight capacity, great working space, lifetime warranty on frame.

CONs – unsuitable for compact workspaces, top end of price range.

The Top 5 Electric Standing Desk Converter Takeaway

Reducing the amount of time spent sitting at your desk can be a great way to boost health and productivity. There’s a wide range of active office furniture solutions out there, but which will work best for you? In today’s post we looked at our Top 5 Electric Standing Desk Converters to help you decide.

Here’s a summary of the key points :

  • The FlexiSpot Alcove Riser is a popular, budget-friendly option and although basic, it has a good working space, height range and lift capacity.
  • The ApexDesk ZT offers the largest top tier working space and some good extras for a great price, although it does have the smallest keyboard tray and the lowest height range.
  • The Victor DC400 Single Monitor Riser gives you more options for better ergonomic positioning and is a great choice for more compact spaces. However, this single-tier unit has limited desktop space.
  • The AVLT Triple Monitor Workstation also gives you a wider range of ergonomic set-up options as well as a the best height range and controller memory functions. Be prepared to pay more for these features.
  • The VersaDesk Power Pro 48″ is at the very top of the price range. This higher price tag is justified by the great working space, the BIFMA rating for safety and performance, the highest weight capacity and the lifetime warranty on the frame. And it looks great too.

Don’t forget to take a look at our Buyer’s Guide before you make a final decision on which desk converter will suit you best. If you didn’t find what you were looking for in this post, check out our Best Standing Desk Converters Under $200 for more options.

As always, any comments or feedback are welcomed so drop us a line in the box below or email

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