Best Secret Santa Gifts Under $20

White present wrapped in red ribbon against a black background with pen, tape and scissorsIt’s that time of year again and as we approach the end of 2020 with sighs of relief – next year HAS to be better right? – we’ll soon be enjoying the Christmas holidays. But first, take a look at our Best Secret Santa Gifts Under $20.

If you haven’t already bought your office gifts, there’s not a moment to lose! But fear not – there’s something for everyone on our gift list. Take a look at the whole lot or click on a heading below to go direct to that section.

If for any reason you don’t find what you’re looking for here, then check out our Best Office Gift Ideas for 2020 where you’ll find more budget options at around $20 as well as our executive gift range from around $60 to $100. Happy hunting and happy holidays!

The Gift List

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The Magnetic Sculpture Pen

Write, swipe or build something super cool.

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This magnetic pen bought to you by the Asuku brand is great to look at and feels good to hold – made from smooth, durable metal which is non-toxic and odorless. Writing is effortless and comfortable.

But this is more than just an ordinary pen. Simply change the nib to the stylus and you have a sensitive touch screen control for your smartphone, tablet or iPad.

It doesn’t end there – take the pen apart and you can have hours of fun making different shapes, sculptures and puzzles…animals, bikes, little stick guys, spinning tops and more. Great for getting the creative juices flowing.

An excellent fidget toy recommended for stress relief, anxiety, ADHD or just for fun.

When in pen mode, dimensions are 4.72 inches long by 0.49 inches in diameter.

(Note : when we first published this post, the pen was priced at under $20. Upon checking and updating, we’ve discovered it’s now over $20. However, we’ve decided to keep it on the list as it really is a great little gift and the price may come down again.)

The Retro Games Console

Let’s go RETRO!

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Take a walk down memory lane and revisit your happy days of youth with old school arcade style games plus sports, puzzle, racing, card games and a whole lot more. With more than 500 on this console you’ll be spoilt for choice.

Play alone when you’re out and and about and on the go. It’s pocket-sized and easy to carry around so you can take it with you wherever you are.

Or sit back and game like a boss in the comfort of your own home. The console hooks up to most TVs (AV connector cable included) and comes with a game pad for dual player mode. Show your kids how simple but fun our type of tech was back in the day!

Suitable for young and old alike, this hand-held games console by Mademax gives you up to 6 hours of classic game play per charge.

Dimensions are 4.53 x 3.1inches and the screen measures 3 inches. Comes with a 1-year warranty.

The Bluetooth Beanie Hat

Bang on trend!

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This trendy beanie hat with Bluetooth connectivity features a soft double-knit and is made with extra thick accrylic and cotton fibers to keep you warm in all weathers.

Black with a brown leather control panel, the hat comes in a one-size unisex design and is fully washable and easy to keep clean. (The headphones are removable.)

The rechargeable battery will give you 16 -20 hours of play time – up to 4 times more listening hours than most other brands.

With the enhanced 10 – 120 decibel clear sound system you’ll be able to listen to music and podcasts on the move, as well as taking your calls hands-free.

Thanks to the upgraded chip the Bluetooth connection is stable, fast and strong, meaning you can carry on listening without constant interruptions.

Bought to you by YogerYou, this Bluetooth beanie comes with a complimentary neck warmer and is beautifully gift boxed and ready for giving.

The Primula Teapot With Teas

Anyone for a brew? Blooming lovely!

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This 40 ounce teapot is made with temperature safe borosilicate glass and a heavy-duty plastic handle and unusually-designed surround. 

It comes with a stainless steel infuser so you have the option of using either loose leaf or bagged tea inside. Alternatively, take the infuser out and place a tea flower inside instead.

Included with the teapot are 2 tea flower blooms. These are made with a bunch of green tea leaves which are wrapped around edible flowers. Just pour in water (just below boiling temperature) then watch them gradually open and unfold as your tea brews.  

With the wide opening and easy lift lid, this pot is easy to clean as well as being extremely pleasing to the eye. It will no doubt be gladly received by any tea-lover.

Teapot dimensions are 6.38 inches high by 7.28 inches at its widest.

The French Coffee Press

Smash it like a Barista!

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Start your day the right way with the Zulay French coffee press. It has a 34 ounce capacity so you can make 8 small cups of gorgeous fresh ground coffee to share with your colleagues. (Or make 1 really bug cup just for you!)

Fancy a change from coffee? Use it to brew your loose leaf tea instead.

The plunger features a double mesh filter to prevent even the tiniest of grounds from making it into your cup.

There’s a stainless steel coffee frother included as well. Use this to create the perfect foamy creamer so you can make your own designer coffees without leaving the office – cappuccino, latte, or even to liven up your hot chocolate.

The pot is super-durable and is made from thick borosilicate glass. With a lifetime guarantee, you can enjoy your coffee knowing that this product has been made to last.

The Soul Therapy Journal

Daily reflection + self-development = positive change

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This 365 day journal has been created by Jacqueline Kademian – therapist, author and life-coach. Within each page is a prompt which encourages you to reflect on certain aspects of your life and to write your deepest thoughts and emotions.

The purpose here is soul work, namely “soul searching, self-reflection, positivity and motivation.”

Some of these prompts are extremely challenging, but by using the journal to unravel the answers within, you can begin to find more order in your life, and to live your life with more purpose.

There a many benefits to daily journaling. With Soul Therapy you are encouraged to change negativity into positivity, to nurture better habits and self-love, to develop consistency and self-discipline and to take time for reflection and mindfulness. 

This journal would make an excellent gift for any co-worker who is spiritually aware but perhaps in need of a little more direction and positivity in their life.  

The Clever Fox Budget Planner

Everything you need for keeping on track.

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This planner is great for staying organized and keeping on top of all areas of your personal finances. With 12 monthly sections for monitoring expenses, debts, savings, budgeting and so on, you’ll wonder how you ever got by without it!

The pages are undated so you can write your own in to start improving your budgeting skills anytime.

Set your goals each month and plan which strategies and tactics you’ll use to achieve them. There are also sections on Christmas budgeting and annual review.

The planner is A5 size and features a quick-start user manual, an inner pocket for bills, a pen loop, a book mark plus pages of stickers to help you keep track.

It has a hard cover which is available in a choice of 25 colors and the paper is good quality, non-bleed 120gsm.

A great gift for a co-worker who is always late submitting expenses and may need a little help staying out of the red!

The Soy Candle Gift Set

Beautifully decorated gift set with keepsake candle tins.

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If you’re a firm believer that a gift list just isn’t a gift list without a candle or two, then you’re going to love the iwax scented candles collection.

4 beautifully designed candle tins contain a combination of eco-friendly soy wax and essential oils. Soy wax is cleaner to burn, giving off no soot, toxins or carcinogens, particularly beneficial to those with allergies. 

Soft, flickering flames along with essential oils can help to create a calming and ambient environment which is perfect for rest and relaxation after a hard day in the office.

With a longer than average burn time of 25 – 30 hours (thanks to the soy wax), this set contains apple and cinnamon, lavender, vanilla and jasmine fragrances to help you relax and clear your mind.

Re-use these beautifully decorated tins around the home or garden when the candles have finished. Gift set includes a matching presentation box.

The Daily Positivity Button

“Never give up. Never surrender. You got this!”

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Need to add a little light-hearted fun to the office? Just push the daily positivity button for a random quote or affirmation. (There are 50 in total.)

But you don’t have to limit yourself to one a day. When morale is low, when stress in high, when motivation could do with a boost…go on, push the button!

“Let your unique awesomeness and positive energy be an inspiration to others!”

The American male voice is smooth and easy to listen to for banishing negativity and improving mood, productivity and team-working! Place on your desk or in high traffic areas so your work pals can give it a push as they pass by.

There’s a strong magnet on the back so you can put it on the refrigerator in the staff kitchen, or in fact on any magnetic surface. 

Always remember “have some fun, enjoy yourself. Laughter is the best medicine in life!”

Didn’t find what you were looking for? Remember you can check out our Best Office Gift Ideas for 2020. (Including our top 10 budget picks at around $20 plus our executive gift range from around $60 to $100.)

The Secret Santa Sum-Up

So what do you think about our Best Secret Santa Gifts Under $20? We think there are some corking pressie suggestions here….but we’re biased so don’t just take our word for it. Show this post to your friends or email it to your co-workers. Or don’t say a word and watch them gasp in disbelief as you show them, once again, that you’re the gift selector with a difference!

As you may have noticed, many of the gift ideas are great for relaxation, reducing stress and improving the mood. We live busy and demanding lives and spend many hours at work, so we hope you’ve found something for your office and co-workers which will add a little sparkle and light relief in this festive season and beyond.

Our featured products and suggestions are suitable for giving on any occasion – not just for Christmas – so be sure to bookmark this page so you can come back to it anytime you’re in need of a little inspiration.

Let us know what you think. Which presents did you choose? Which ones are you hoping to receive – either from your co-workers, friends or your family? Drop us a comment in the box below or email

Finally, allow us to wish you the very best for the holiday period. Enjoy the break, have a good rest and carry on being awesome!

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